At Life on Fire we have one simple goal: to help you become the rockstar you were meant to be.
How do we do this? By teaching ambitious entrepreneurs how to make more money and work less doing the work they love. We believe that business is an adventure. That it’s not enough to just make a good living. We believe your business should be an extension of your life and personal philosophy. That’s why through our coaching and workshops we teach you how to build a profitable online business that allows you to build serious authority online. Our strategies will show you how to monetize the work you love, so you can make your business, a journey worth taking.

Are you ready to set your life ablaze?

4 Pillars of a Business and Life on Fire

Mindset – “Work Smart”

  • How to become the best version of yourself = a life and business you love.
  • Have more focus, commitment, passion, confidence, meaning, and purpose

All About Marketing – “Get Paid”

  • How to create “celebrity like” brand positioning in your niche and dominate your market.
  • Online marketing strategies to build your email list, add value, and sell a shit load of your product

Master Networking – “All About Connections”

  • It’s all about who you know and why not live a life with lots of connections?
  • Learn how to “network up” and turn those relationships into profit centers

Focus on a Journey Worth Living – “Play Big”

  • “Plan your adventures first” – when you schedule in the things you love to do into your calendar first you’ll find a way to get everything else done. This forces balance and helps you to make more money and ultimately work less
  • Giving back – we’re all here for a real reason…give back and build your business with purpose

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