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BiG Update:  Tai Lopez will be speaking at IGNITE!

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 163 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur do you focus on what you can control or what you can’t? Where you put your focus and your attention can have all the difference in your results, and no one knows that better than our guest, Tai Lopez.

Tai is a certified financial planner who has gone on to become an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He’s here to talk about purpose, mindset, and marketing. As you might expect, he has an insane amount of wisdom on those topics!

We kick off today’s show by talking about Tai’s background. He was raised in a single mom household in the ghetto of Long Beach; his father was in jail when he was born. By the time he was in his mid to late teens Tai realized the world was a complicated place with an overwhelming number of choices and options.

So he decided he’d find the smartest person he knew and that person would have all the answers for him. He wrote a letter to his grandpa who was the smartest person Tai knew, and asked him for help.

His grandfather wrote back quickly but not with the response Tai wanted to hear; his grandpa told him life was too complex for one person to have all the answers. Instead he told Tai he’d be lucky if he could find a handful of people who would point him in the right direction. 

Within a week of his grandpa’s response Tai also received a box of books from him with a note to read them. Tai’s quest began with those books; to this day he is a voracious reader, one of the things he attributes his success to.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What can you control and what can’t you control in your life? 5:05
  • Why snapchat is going to be huge. (24:30)
  • The 10-10 Principle: Tai explains it, and what it has to do with social media right now. (28:40)
  • Of the 100 brands in last 20 yrs how many used paid advertising to get there? (46:35)
  • How much annual income has been proven to provide an increased level of happiness? (54:00)
  • And so much more!

In those books Tai discovered clues about life, and he shares his discoveries on this episode.

For example if you are wanting to become a millionaire most people will tell you to find others who are already millionaires. Good advice, but Tai says to go one step further: hang out with people who would be embarrassed to only be millionaires!

On the practical mundane side of things Tai also has many recommendations including simple marketing tips and strategies to build your audience. He has the chops to prove his recommendations worthy: he has over 300 million people worldwide watching his content in over 70 countries and has one of the most watched channels on all of YouTube!

Whether you’re a savvy entrepreneur or just starting out Tai’s marketing tips will benefit you. First he says to get good at video. Although non-video formats of marketing are still relevant, video creates deeper connections. Be sure to have a video up on your home page, don’t hide it on page 3 of your site.

For social media pick one or two outlets that are your favorite, develop a strategy for each and then test that strategy to see if it works. If it doesn’t, adapt and try again. Repeat that process until you find what does work and then stick with that.

Tai calls this AGF: adaptive growth framework. Don’t bring any sort of conclusions into your business strategy (for social media or anything else), instead use the AGF approach and bring hypotheses. Then implement those, and adapt and adjust on a continual basis. Doing so will give you infinite power in your business.

Once you’ve understood AGF you can implement it with KSE, which stands for Knowledge, Strategy and Experiment. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you want to start a podcast. The first step is K – knowledge. Who is crushing it as a podcaster? Find three people and listen to their shows. Pick one person you want to follow and focus on the next step of S for strategy.

Strategy is a personalization of the knowledge you gained from the first step. The person you’ve chosen to follow in the footsteps of – who are? What have they done? Is it applicable to you, can you do what they have done? Why or why not? Be sure to answer these questions and create your strategy.

From strategy move on to E for experiments. This is where you test your knowledge and strategy to see what works, what doesn’t. Based on your results continue to gain knowledge, strategize and experiment.

Those are just a few of the knowledge bombs Tai drops on this episode! He also shares how to create success with paid media, what he’s most excited about for 2016 and why he’s investing time and energy into live streaming apps and Snapchat. Tune in and check it out on episode 163 of Life on Fire!