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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 176 of Life on Fire. I’m always pumped up to bring you one of our shows, but I’m extra fired up to bring you today’s! Our guest is my friend and yours, Dr. Matt Hubbard.

Dr. Matt has joined us on a few previous editions of the show, but you can never have enough insights and wisdom on mindset from this man. He is crushing it in every area of his life from work to family to adventure.

And the reason he’s able to do so is his mindset. On today’s episode he drops valuable knowledge bombs about the 4 steps to take to make changes, and the 3 things you must have to create a powerful, positive mindset no matter what is going on around you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you must honor yourself. (11:10)
  • The reasons finding your tribe is imperative to success. (16:00)
  • Why a study proved group collaboration is more powerful than individual problem-solving. (18:05)
  • What is number one thing that cuts off dreams? (27:35)
  • All breakthroughs happen where? (30:30)
  • And so much more!

Dr. Matt is always a welcome guest to this show, he is someone I am modeling my life after. In fact both Megan Ann and I decided – independent of each other – we wanted to model ourselves after Dr. Matt, his wife and their family. They are amazing examples of people living lives on fire.

It all starts with mindset. Because you’re here listening you’re on the right track. And you fall into one of three types of people: you’re either sick of what you’re doing and looking for something else. Or you’ve got one foot following your passion but one foot lagging behind in your old life, and you’re looking for that push to put both feet into your passion. Or you’re already living an epic life, but you know there’s more of you to develop.

The first step in moving out of any of those categories and fully embracing your ultimate life on fire, as Dr. Matt shares on this show, is to first get real with yourself; acknowledge there is a burning desire within you and you need help to release it.

Second find your tribe. Find the people who are going to lift you up and support you, and hold you to the highest standard. Stay away from the naysayers and the Negative Nancys of the world – they won’t get you anywhere and will only drag you down.

Third is discover your plan. Whatever it is that you want to do, find that out. Whatever you are most called to do, whatever you have been put on this earth to do go out and do it.

And the final step is to execute that plan. You may not know how so get help. Talk to people who are doing great things, seek their counsel and surround yourself with them. Acknowledge you don’t know how to follow through on your plan, and seek the help you need to figure it out and execute.

Dr. Matt also shares three keys to a powerful mindset: environment, accountability and correctability. You have to plant a seed in soil where it will flourish. Just like you can’t grow an orange tree in winter in Montana you can’t have an idea and then have negative thoughts about yourself and about fulfilling that idea, it’ll never come to fruition.

Also you must have three people to hold you accountable to your ideas and your dreams. This is absolutely key to your dreams coming true; in fact, not having accountability is the #1 thing that cuts off dreams from becoming reality. Get accountability and get your life on fire.

Finally you need to be correctable. That means you must be coachable, do what your coach tells you to do because that is why you hired him or her. And don’t give in when it gets uncomfortable, that is when you are closest to your biggest breakthrough! Embrace it, move forward, be coachable and be correctable.

Along with those keys to a powerful mindset Dr. Matt shares how to honor the space between the old you and the not-yet you, and why collaboration is critical to success (and isolation is a destroyer). On episode 176 of Life on Fire Dr. Matt not only educates, but he also entertains! So tune in and check it out.