This is for you, if…

  • You have a burning desire to “make it”
  • You’re not making as much as you would like
  • You’re working WAY too much and not having fun
  • You don’t currently have a business coach or realize you need a new one
  • You’re willing to “Do What It Takes” and play “FULL OUT”

What you will learn…

  • How working with a business coach brought me an extra 6 figures within 6 months
  • How I went from being a miserable “workaholic” to the happiest I’ve ever been in my life
  • Why you need a business coach to get to the next level
  • Benefits of a business coach
  • What to look for and how to hire the right business coach for your unique needs
  • How to double your revenue with effective networking, JVs, and high-end mastermind
  • How to maximize your investment in a coach
  • Benefits of our “Firestarter” program, which is coaching plus an exclusive mastermind
  • We’re very selective and whether we ever work together or not, my goal is for you to hire a coach so that you can shortcut the path to true financial success and happiness


If you decide you’re ready to “step into the fire” and submit your application to hopefully be selected as a Firestarter, here is where you go to apply: