Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs, Experts, Business Coaches, Online Marketers, Service Professionals, and Anyone Who Wants to Have a Business and Life on Fire!!
  • If You Live in San Diego, This is a Must!

What you will learn…

4 Pillars of a 6-Figure Business: “B.A.M.F.”:

  • Bad Ass Mindset – “Work Smart”
  • All About Marketing – “Get Paid”
  • Master Networking – “All About Connections”
  • Focus on a Journey Worth Living – “Play Big”


  • How to Become The Best Version of Yourself (FAST) and Have a Life and Business You Love
  • Have More Focus, Commitment, Passion, Confidence, Meaning, and Purpose
  • How to Create “Celebrity Like” Brand Positioning in Your Niche and Dominate Your Market
  • Online Marketing Strategies to Build Your Email List, Add Value, and Sell a TON of Your Products & Services
  • It’s All About Who You Know and Why Not Live a Life With Lots of Connections?
  • Learn How to “Network Up” and Turn Those Relationships Into Profit Centers
  • “Plan Your Adventures First” – When You Schedule in the Things You Love to Do Into Your Calendar First, You’ll Find a Way to Get Everything Else Done. This Forces Balances and Helps You to Make More Money and Ultimately Work Less
  • Giving Back – We’re All Here for a Real Reason… Give Back and Build Your Business With Purpose