Wow! Michael Bernoff was fantastic on this webinar! I was SO disappointed when I thought the recording had an issue, but it turns out, it’s just fine! 🙂

Make sure you watch all the way to the end, as Michael also made an incredibly generous offer, which numerous people have already taken him up on.

It’s a 5-day program, which you can take any time over the next 12 months. It lasts a total of 10 hours, and you participate over the phone. No other technology required, no travel.

He calls it, “Call to Action”.

I call it, “KICK YOUR A$$ INTO GEAR!!!”

His guarantee is that you will get more done in 5 days than you typically get done in 5 months.

Here is my personal testimonial…

Prior to meeting Michael and taking his trainings (I’ve taken them all, most more than once), I wasn’t happy in my business, I was working like a slave, I was 30 pounds over weight, and I had just ended an 7-year long relationship which had demolished my confidence in that department.

Suffice it to say, it was by no means a “high point” in my life.

But, I was open to improvement and change because I knew I didn’t know every possible thing about how my mind functioned and what was holding me back.

So, I took a leap and trusted the process because I was referred to Michael by someone I respected.

Since meeting Michael and taking his trainings I have:

  • Lost 30 pounds
  • Sold my previous business for a handsome payday
  • Started my current business (Life on Fire), which is approaching half a million dollars in revenue and it’s only been around for about 8 months, with only 1 other full-time employee and 1 part-time employee
  • And, effortlessly attracted new incredible relationships into my life

My friends and family wonder what the heck it is I’m doing.

And, it all started with Michael.

Of course, people could say, “Well, yeah, but you already had an established business and reputation, you already had contacts, etc., etc..”

Okay, true.

But, I had had all of those things for years. And, nothing changed until I actually started working on myself and becoming a better version of the person I knew I was capable of being.

And, it’s not just me that has benefited from the coaching and training Michael provides…

My teammate, Ryan, (my full-time employee I referenced above) has also taken all of Michael’s trainings. In fact, that’s how we met and became friends was at one of his live in-person events.

Since taking Michael’s trainings, starting with Call to Action, Ryan has:

  • Left his previous career and now works full-time as the Chief Operating Officer for Life on Fire
  • Moved into a beautiful home right on a lake where he works from every day
  • Found the love of his life
  • Blasted past limiting beliefs that would have previously prevented any of that from happening

Michael’s Call to Action course normally sells for $599, and it is WELL worth it.

However, because he is a personal friend of mine, he was willing to offer it, along with a TON of extra bonuses, for only $399 (or you can break it up into payments if necessary).

If there’s something that you want that you don’t currently have, or if you feel “stuck” in business, in your relationship, or perhaps in your own inaction, you are someone who can HUGELY benefit from Call to Action.

You can get the specifics on Michael’s offer here:

I’m going to make an even juicer offer for you though, and it’s only available until this coming Friday, January 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time…

Anyone who is part of my 12-month “Firestarter” business coaching program automatically receives Michael’s Call to Action offer for free as my gift for being our coaching client. (I take good care of my clients.)

The Firestarter program is a group coaching program for established and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

The coaching consists of 3 live events and face-to-face mastermind sessions per year, 4 group coaching calls per month, and 4 additional trainings taught quarterly on subjects like how to drive new business in the door using Facebook advertising or video marketing.

Our primary focus is on teaching you proven strategies and techniques in order to make more sales and get more clients.

The Firestarter program is $500 per month.

You can get all of the information on the Firestarter program, here:

If you are seriously interested in considering the Firestarter program and just have a few questions about moving forward, please email [email protected] with the subject line “FIRESTARTER PROGRAM” in order to schedule a 1-on-1 call to get your questions answered.

Please do not blow up my man Ryan’s inbox with offers and requests or inquiries other than serious requests to discuss the Firestarter program.

This offer is good until this coming Friday, January 31st at 11:59pm.

There are tremendous benefits to being in the Firestarter program, and getting Michael’s Call to Action course as an unexpected free bonus is one of them.