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Watch the replay of the “New Gold Rush” webinar where:

  • Top podcasters, Michael O’Neal host of The Solopreneur Hour, Bryan Kelly of What The Speak, and Greg Hickman from the podcast, Mobile Mixed, dish out a full walkthrough of audio and video podcasting, A to Z!
  • #1 podcaster in iTunes for business, Mr. John Lee Dumas, crashed the webinar and dropped some SERIOUS knowledge on how he brings in 6-figures per month with his podcast!
  • You’ll learn what a podcast is and how to start a podcast so you can begin using it as a new, FREE source of traffic to build your list…
  • You’ll hear how to ride the “new and noteworthy” wave to get over 100,000 downloads in your first month!”
  • We cover, how to “monetize” your passion and get PAID to talk about what you love!
  • You’ll hear strategies for how to launch your show, and much, MUCH MORE!

If you’ve been wondering how to start a podcast, this presentation is EXACTLY where you should start. And, these types of calls are what our coaching clients get inside access to, weekly, as part of our coaching programs (along with TONS of other great coaching, training, free stuff, and events).


We’re opening up our calendar for 15 one-on-one strategy session calls to find out how we can help you grow your business on Tuesday.

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