Learn how to buy Facebook likes and run a Facebook like campaign with business coach and Facebook Marketing Expert Nick Unsworth, CEO of the Business Coaching company, Life on Fire!

These days nearly all businesses can benefit from having a Facebook page. And, similar to having a business card, or a website, there are certain things that are expected to be there when people arrive on your page.

One of which is Facebook likes. Likes serve as a score card, in a way, when it comes to establishing how much authority your page has. A benchmark, if you will.

Likes can of course be grown organically over time, which is nice because you incur little if any cost to obtain organic likes. The problem is, that can take quite a while.

Another way to increase your likes is to increase your page’s exposure by utilizing Facebook’s ad platform. You can essentially buy Facebook likes (for pennies!) by driving more people to your page.

NOTE: This should only be done with targeted traffic and done with integrity.

If you target your ads to the type of people who would like what your page is about anyway, then the “likes” are sincere (and valuable) vs. trying to get a bunch of cheap untargeted likes from foreign countries where they barely speak your language. Untargeted likes are basically worthless. Don’t bother with them.

If you buy Facebook likes the right way, with good ads, proper targeting, and you have great page content, that is how you can generate thousands of genuine Facebook likes and build your audience at the same time!

Nick walks you through exactly how to do that, and throws in some additional tips on how you can utilize Facebook advertising to build your marketing funnel (think, “sales process”) and grow your email list!

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