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Host of the Solopreneur Hour podcast, Michael O’Neal, joins us to talk all things podcasting. From step-by-step resources to get started, to inexpensive tech set up, to show format, to getting traction and noticed in iTunes, this episode has it all!

These days, nearly any subject you can think of has a podcast. From sports commentary, to gossip, to business, to education, to fitness, to discussing current events such as TV shows.

The key is marrying a topic you are passionate speaking about, or having guests speak about, and making the show entertaining and fun.

Michael gives some fantastic tips to help anyone get started and how to keep the momentum going.

Learn the top 2 reasons people stop listening to certain podcasts (and how to avoid them)!

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Enjoy the episode! And, tell us below what you loved about it in the comments section below!

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