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Robert S. posed the question, “Nick, how do you have so much energy all the time?”

One of the biggest secrets to waking up energized every day is making sure your work is aligned with your passions. Or, to state it simply, doing what you love.

Few things are a bigger drain on your energy than having to spend 8, 10, 12 hours or more a day doing a job you despise.

Next, when there are things in your life that are bigger than you, those things fuel your purpose. That may be a family, your children, or a cause or organization that you love and feel passionate about supporting.

From there, having a way to track your progress allows you to break through motivational barriers. You don’t have to set huge, audacious goals. Set simple, achievable goals like, “today I’m going to clean my desk”.

Then, you MUST have written goals and take them seriously.

Last, setting a morning routine, a morning ritual that you are EXCITED to do, makes a massive difference.

Implement these things and let us know how it’s changing your days and your life!

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