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Peek inside our private client mastermind retreat where Twitter expert, AJ Amyx, teaches his strategy of how he helps anyone dominate Twitter!

AJ has a proven 4-step strategy to gather leads for less than $2.68 per conversion.

Not per click, not per lead, that’s per CONVERSION!

Step 1 is Power: Who do you help? What do you help them with? Benefit, benefit, benefit.

Step 2 is Packaging: Your online presence must be congruent with your offline confidence. Lead with branding.

Step 3 is Plan: Know your numbers for when you need to post.

Step 4 is Promotion: Play the follow game. Spend 15 minutes a day following followers of people like you.

Remember, the three most important things on Twitter are relationships, relationships, relationships.

Following the steps above, AJ recently built a clients page from 0 followers to over 10,000 followers in only 10 weeks! Now we’re talkin’!

Ready to put together your plan to dominate Twitter?

Go to to grab his excel spreadsheet Tweeting schedule!

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