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Of all of the different ways to grow a business and create sales online, one of the very best ways to do so is through live webinars.

The closer you can come to a 1-on-1 personal interaction with someone, the more likely you are to generate a sale.

So, first off, what is a webinar?

It’s essentially a seminar over the web. It’s a virtual presentation, with typically one speaker or presents slides or shows their computer screen presenting to an audience of people “attending” virtually by logging to the live stream of your presentation through their computer.

Of the many reasons to consider webinar marketing two primary reasons are that it can be done entirely over the internet without leaving your own home, and you can potentially have hundreds or even thousands of people on a webinar at the same time (very inexpensively).

When crafting your message and creating your content, think of who your ideal customer is, and what problem do they have that you can solve?

Once you’re clear on your content and “hook” (the appeal that is going to spark the initial interest in your prospective attendees), and you’ve mapped out your marketing strategy, the next consideration is your conversion strategy.

How are you going to generate sales (which don’t necessarily have to happen right on the webinar, but there needs to be a clear call to action at the end of your webinar that will ideally lead to sales in the near future, such as after a 1-on-1 strategy session call with you).

Start off by setting expectations of the benefits they can expect by the end of the webinar.

From there, you want to engage. Ask questions, check in with them every few minutes with more questions, or statements like, “Have you ever been in that situation before?” as you’re telling your story.

Next, transition into your main body of your content.

Give them your very best stuff, your very best tips, techniques, strategies, and so on to solve their problems.

Stick to 3 to 5 main topics that you think are the biggest “pain points” (what do they really want to solve the most in their lives).

If possible, bringing on live people to provide real testimonials to back and validate what you’re saying is fantastic.

Then, you want to end with your very best stuff, a recap, and seamlessly transition to your call to action.

A huge tip when presenting your call to action and why they should take the next step today is to provide an “urgency bonus”. Something that they will receive, or a limited number of the first “X” people who take you up on your offer will receive.

Done correctly, this strategy can literally change your business overnight!

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