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One emotion every single person experiences from time to time, is fear.

That doesn’t have to be fear of something dangerous or life threatening.

Often times, it’s simply fear of something new, fear of change, or fear of taking action.

And, if you’re not able to find ways of overcoming fear, it can be paralyzing (and worse, prevent you from getting or achieving what you really want).

Whether it’s in your business, a business you want to get started, your love life, or an adventurous activity you have planned, overcoming that fear, and learning not to avoid or go around that emotion, but to embrace it and push through it, is key.

That feeling of fear or anxiety that pops up in those situations is your mind indicating that you’re about to enter what is uncharted or inexperienced territory for you. Otherwise, if it was familiar to you, you would have comfort and confidence based on your past.

Simply put, fear in those types of situations is your mind’s way of telling you…

You’re about to learn something new.

The amazing thing about what can often feel like crippling fear, is that once you push through and experience that thing that is new, have that conversation, pick up that phone, whatever it is, you often feel an exhilarating sense of accomplishment for having succeeded.

That thing that was creating incredibly negative emotions inside you, once surpassed, many times creates incredibly positive emotions which we can label as the feelings of “growth”, “learning”, and “success”.

So, how do you go about overcoming fear?

There is a simple, 2-step process:

Step 1: Recognize the fear. Acknowledge your emotional state, the fact that you’ve come upon a mental roadblock that is preventing you from moving forward.

Hint: If you find yourself procrastinating about something, fear can commonly be the reason why.

Then, Step 2 is to “reframe” the fear. To reframe the fear means to make a conscious choice about how you’re going to let it affect you or motivate you.

The part that can be so crippling is that we don’t even consciously acknowledge what’s happening in these moments, and therefore don’t realize that we have a choice as to how we’re going to let it affect us.

It is nearly impossible to experience significant growth in business or in life without getting outside your comfort zone.

Want to experience rapid growth in those areas?

Then, LIVE outside your comfort zone. Spend more time learning, growing, and trying something new than you spend playing small and doing what you’ve always known.

What’s the worst that can happen? You fail?

Failure rarely means “catastrophic disaster”. And, “failing” is really only failing if you don’t learn anything from the experience.

If you know that growth and success are what typically lie on the other side of your fear, then having that feeling of fear just becomes and indicator that something great is about to happen.

The more you become comfortable going toward your fear, the more confident you become and the less you “fear”, fear. It’s power over you diminishes every time you break through it.

Take a look at your business and your life, and make note of that one thing you know you really need to do right now that will make a major difference but fear has been holding you back…

And, go towards it! Embrace it! Make overcoming fear something you don’t dwell on, but instead make fast decisions and do it!

YOU can do anything!

Ready to BLAST through your fears?!! If so, comment below!

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