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Of all the ways you can possibly grow your business and invest back in your business with not only your time, but your money, joining or forming a mastermind group can be one of the most impactful!

What is a mastermind? A business mastermind is a group of entrepreneurs who come together, most often for face-to-face meetings on a regular basis, with the goal of sharing ideas, providing feedback to others, and establishing relationships with each other.

Ideally, the group is comprised of high-level thought leaders in the niche or industry.

So, how do you find one?

Start by searching online. If you can’t find one there, start asking the leaders in your industry if they are part of one or if they know of any.

And, if you’ve concluded there aren’t any masterminds in your industry, then you are in an incredible position to be able to start one!

Next, how do you get the most out of joining a mastermind?

There is a simple concept called, “givers gain”. Approach the mastermind with the mindset of how can I help these other people? Who can I connect them to? Who are their ideal clients?

By leading with giving, you will stand out from most people and it is certain to come back to you.

From there, if you’re getting together for formal meetings, most likely their will be breaks or the session will wrap at the end of the day and people will end up going to dinner or grabbing a drink. That is where the relationships and bonds are really formed, in the more casual environment. So, make sure you’re there!

The key with masterminds is you have to commit to be a part of it. They only work well when everyone is on board for a 12-month commitment or something along those lines.

That’s what we’ve proven here at Life on Fire where we have our own mastermind for our Firestarter clients.

We meet 3 times per year as part of the benefit of being one of our coaching clients to network, feature fantastic speakers, learn from each other, and find out how we can help each other grow our business.

We have had our meeting formats be everything from renting a large boardroom space in an up-scale hotel to renting out a 12,000 square foot mansion, flying in special guest speakers, and staying their with our Firestarter coaching clients for 3 days.

In addition to 3 live in-person mastermind events per year, our Firestarters receive weekly group coaching calls, two 1-on-1 coaching calls per month with high-level strategy coaches, quarterly training programs, and MORE!

So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and you want to dive into an established mastermind that’s already working, receive valuable 1-on-1 business coaching, and access to a network of entrepreneurs, email [email protected] to schedule a free 25-minute phone call to find out if the Firestarter program is right for you!

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