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Ever found yourself stuck, in business or in life? Feeling like you know you are capable of achieving and doing more, but at the moment you’re not at that level?

Personally, I struggled with that for years as a budding entrepreneur. I was willing to work harder than any of my peers, but it didn’t seem to matter what I touched, it never turned to gold until two things changed…

The first change was I needed to narrow my niche. I needed to become laser focused on exactly who I wanted to serve and exactly what problem I wanted to solve for my niche.

It was the second change that actually made a much bigger difference for me, however…

I had just sold a business for a large sum at age 30, thinking I should have felt on top of the world at that point, and I actually felt the exact opposite. I felt empty, hollow, and purposeless.

After floundering for a bit, a few things aligned and I ended up working with a very expensive business coach ($36,000) per year.

She changed my life.

She presented me with a question I had never thought of…

“Nick, what pisses you off?”

I had no idea what pissed me off??

But, as I thought about it, it became clear that I hated knowing there are people out there not living up to their potential, people who hate their jobs, people missing time with their families due to work, and I wanted to do something about it.

In under 90 days of starting with Suzanne (my $36,000 coach) I had made my entire $36,000 back, and more. I went on to make several hundred thousand dollars within my first year of working with her and following her advice.

Would I have gotten to the same place without her advice?


But, the key is, how much longer would it have taken to try to do it without her?

That was the value she provided for me, a shortcut to my success.

There are so many things you can do to “fast forward” your results.

I’ve put these tips and teachings into a free webinar that I wanted to share with you. I’m calling it “The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut”.

If you get even one tip out of it that helps you accelerate your results, then it’s well worth it. (I’m confident you’re going to get a lot more than that though!)

To get free access, REGISTER HERE!

And, just for registering, you’ll be entered to win THIS 55 inch TV I’m giving away this month!

(If you attend the webinar you’ll get 2 more entries to win!)
1st Prize - 55 Inch TV pic

We can’t wait to see you on the live webinar!!

Make it a great day!!


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Thanks for watching!

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