First and foremost, being a spiritual person is not limited to believing in God or one of the many other deities that are worshiped around the world. Many people find spirituality in their own way.

What is key is having and believing in a purpose that is higher than yourself.

Another important distinction is that deciding to become a spiritual person should not come with an agenda. For example, going through the motions of going to church or something along those lines simply because you’re looking to grow the revenue of your business is not the right mindset to have. That is a “taker’s” mindset.

Genuine and sincere spirituality comes through a givers mindset. And, the personal, and perhaps business and financial benefits that come from it, are merely a byproduct of your actions and beliefs.

Being a spiritual person also does not mean that you can stop taking action and that things will simply magically appear in your life. Again, the benefits come from your actions and beliefs.

However, what has happened in my experience is that through taking tons of action, amazing things have happened like finding love and tremendous growth of our business, which felt almost effortless because I wasn’t pushing and forcing growth to try to happen in those areas.

One observation that occurred as all of these incredible acts of abundance came into my life was that all along the way as these things were happening, I was giving back. Giving back through our Pay it Forward Friday podcast, giving back through a fundraiser, and giving back through having just signed a contract to build a $25,000 school in Guatemala.

As I was providing abundance, I received abundance.

Call it coincidence, but these things have never happened in my life before.

So, here is my call to action to you…

If you already consider yourself a spiritual person, are you truly living it to it’s fullest and giving back, or could you do more?

And, if you’re not currently a spiritual person, is there something out there, a cause, a book, a movement, a religion or some positive source of energy that is bigger than you that you can give to and receive from?

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