What is a telesummit, and why would you want to do one?

We’ve got those answers, and a whole lot more in the video above!

So, what is a telesummit?

Essentially it is like a virtual conference.

Typically at a conference you go to see a presenter or a series of presenters speak. You have deal with travel time, arranging time away from home, hotel and airfare, blocking off sometimes days at a time in your schedule, and so on.

Conferences can be great, don’t get us wrong.

But, what if you could see all of the speaker’s presentations without even leaving your home? What if you could watch them whenever you wanted, in short blocks, whenever it was convenient for you? What if you could attend for substantially less than the cost of a face-to-face conference, or maybe even for free?

Enter, the telesummit.

Being the host of the telesummit means you have ultimate control over the topics presented, who all of the speakers are, who (if anyone) can sell on their sessions, how you would like to monetize it, and, possibly the biggest asset or benefit, which is the list of new people who opt into the summit!

In the video above, business coach, and experience telesummit host, Nick Unsworth, dives into how he did his very first telesummit with no “connections”, no list, and no experience (and went on to make over $100,000 from the summit)!

Not only that, but he covers how he’s going to do it again, bigger and better, this year, incorporate a large charity donation, drive tons of new subscribers to his podcast, and monetize the whole process, all while adding thousands of new people to his list!

Make sure you watch all the way until the end, because you will have the chance to get two free telesummit “blue prints” and get direct coaching on how to do a telesummit of your own through the Firestarter 12-month coaching program.

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The video above will cover all the details of the program, which are also available HERE.