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Effective marketing is many times just as much of an art as it is a science. Well, today, Brian Moran is bringing the science side to the table as he breaks down and dissects the exact 7-step process he uses to create monthly 6-figure income on Facebook!

The first step is really what sets his process apart from most other approaches that are not as effective on Facebook, which is creating a custom landing page inside Facebook (vs. taking the person out of the Facebook platform).

For Brian, this results in a 50% increase in his conversions, AND, on average, he’s seeing 70 out of every 100 visitors “Liking” his page, which is essentially like getting another conversion from the same person!

One big piece that sets Brian’s approach apart from the way most other businesses view Facebook is he sees it as an asset. Both the people who take the time to view and like his content, as well as how to speak to and market to those people.

Way too many business owners see Facebook as a distracting, unimportant website that they need to post the occasional status update on to keep their people “happy” and they are basically just going through the motions without any sort of strategy or goal.

That is a colossal waste of an incredible opportunity.

Walk step-by-step through his process and pay close attention.

One strategy you absolutely don’t want to miss is his upsell process, and almost more importantly his upsell philosophy. It will forever reshape your opinion of upsetting your clients.

And, make sure you catch the case study results from real clients at the end. One guy went from struggle for 5 years to generating over $12,000 in income in 2 weeks!


Don’t forget to grab the PDF that Brian put together that lays out his whole process flow

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