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Joining us today is Wes Chapman, founder of A Human Project, an organization with a mission to build a community to empower and give a voice to abused and neglected youth.

Wes’s mission and passion stems from his own dark story as a child, and the stories of his siblings and not being able to act and protect them.

Often children in these situations end up on the wrong path in life, end up acting out, and so on, which only gets them labeled as problem children in society’s eyes.

When really, they just want to be loved.

For Wes, starting this mission is him fulfilling his highest purpose.

Which begs the question…

How do you determine what your purpose is?

Wes’s first tip is just be yourself, and don’t try to be something you’re not. It’s often uncomfortable, insincere, and likely out of alignment with your core “you”.

To sum it up, “be true to yourself”, Wes says.

To take that a step further or to answer the question of where you go from there, you can challenge yourself and create a positive focus by working to be the best possible version of you.

Regardless of your situation, you always have a choice.

And, for Wes, and really all of us, that choice is simple. In each situation and each area of our lives, we can either choose to be a victim, or be a hero.

When it comes to children, the starting point is often giving them hope. Once they have hope, it opens the door to believe in themselves and start to make positive change.

From there we shift gears into how Wes plans to market the project. This step would often paralyze a lot of people and prevent them from taking action in the first place.

But, getting out there, moving forward, and taking that action is going to trump “planning” all day, if that’s what it takes to move you past the planning stage.

Next is networking, and like many who have been around the block, Wes knows that when it comes to networking the best way to make contacts and open doors is to find a way to open a door for someone else first, by bringing value.

Bringing it all together, when your values, passion, story, and business can align, you can create an extremely motivating and fulfilling mission for yourself and you don’t ever have to “work” another day in your life.

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