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I recently had the opportunity to join my good friend and a major inspiration to start Life on Fire, Shanda Sumpter, live on stage at her event to speak on the topic of what’s working in marketing right now.

Today’s episode is that event footage!

I begin with my story and one of the first teaching lessons that comes out of that is the concept of modeling.

To clarify, modeling is not about “copying” what someone else is doing. It’s about looking at the people in your niche who are doing well and creating your own version of what you like about them and what’s working well.

If you aren’t sure how to start or what to do to begin, this a great way to come up with direction in your business.

Next, an incredibly helpful process is to get clear on who your ideal customer is. If you already have customers, which one do you like working with the most or would you like to have more of?

If not, what characteristics would you like your ideal customer to have. You can even go as far as creating an “avatar” which is your model of what your ideal client looks like down to age, gender, hobbies, family life, employment status, likes, passions, dislikes, and so on.

And, where can you apply that information to find more people like your avatar?


Through Facebook marketing, you can target nearly exactly the person your looking for and make sure your ad budget is going to directly to your ideal prospect.

One key to marketing on Facebook is to remember why people are there. They are not there to be sold. They are there to connect with people, be entertained, be informed, and so on.

So, ads that are conversational and show personality typically outperform ads that are not.

And, the same hold true throughout your marketing funnel. If someone clicks on an ad they should be taken to a page that’s going to ad value for them. Taking someone straight from ad to sale almost never works. (Again, they’re not there to be sold.)

Come up with a “lead magnet” or something of value you can give away for free in exchange for your ideal prospects to take the next action in your marketing funnel, which might be entering in their name and email address.

All along the way, make sure you’re always giving value at each interaction with your prospects, and don’t be afraid to test new things, new headlines, new images, new lead magnets to continually optimize your process.

From there we talk telesummits and podcasts!

A telesummit is a series of interviews with experts in a certain niche. Typically somewhere in the range of 15-30 speakers are featured and that interview series can either be packaged and sold as a product or it can be given away for free and other products can be sold in tandem with it.

The great thing about the telesummit format is you yourself do not need to be an expert. The summit is about all of the OTHER experts you’re featuring. So, it allows you to get exposure, build a list, and become an expert in the process.

To take that concept a step further, why couldn’t those sessions you’re already recording with the experts you’re interview also end up as podcast episodes?

Then, a segment of your interview experts will promote their episode, and you create your content delivery system where the only way to get the free replay of the interview is to go subscribe to and download your podcast.

Boom! Instant podcast audience!

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Check out the replay of the Entrepreneur’s Shortcut webinar and get to your goals faster!

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