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One of the best ways to start, grow, and leverage your business and experience is to package and sell your knowledge. Here are some great tips on how to get started!

If you’re brand new to your niche, then you need to start building your expert status by getting real customers and adding value for them.

You can coach, train, or provide services to anyone who meets your ideal client profile who knows less than you.

A great step to take when starting out is to seek out an anchor client. An anchor client is someone highly recognizable and influential in your niche.

Getting that real-life experience is what gives you the information you can package into a product, training, report, and so on.

Once you have a compelling story and the results to back it up, another great step is to seek out the top blogs in your industry and offer to write a guest blog post.

Posting on other popular blogs is likely to get you out there much faster than just posting on your own.

So, how do you “package” your information?

That can be a short series of videos, audios, and downloadable report that you give away in exchange for an email opt-in, or other program that you sell.

When creating a training course, one great method is the “build as you go” model. What that means is you can create an outline of what the course will include, offer it for sale, gather your sales over a short period of, say, 10-30 days, and then begin delivering your training live.

You record the live sessions using something like GoToWebinar, and those recordings become your product that you can later sell to others.

This prevents you from getting stuck in the product creation phase.

A great “value proposition” goal to have when creating a product is knowing that you have the ability to help your customers generate a 10 times return on their money. So, if your product costs $1,000, you want to be confident they can generate at least $10,000 of revenue within a reasonable period of time.

When you’ve got this formula dialed in, the sky is the limit!

This topic can easily get detailed, fast.

So, we’ve put together an even deeper dive where you can learn how to launch a product, brand or coaching program within 90 days that we’re going to teach, LIVE!

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