On the hot seat with us today is A-list entertainment reporter and editor-in-chief of Risen Magazine, Kelli Gillespie Richardson, here to talk interview tips and how to give a great interview for a podcast, article, video show and more!

Kelli’s journey started out right out of college when she knew she wanted to break into the media field.

What started opening doors for her first was her willingness to work harder than others and do what others were unwilling to do, such as begin the first ever intern on the Morning Show, simply because nobody prior to her was willing to get up that early!

Many times we assume the things that separate the ultra successful, top achievers from the rest of society is that they were willing to go leaps and bounds beyond what others were willing to give, and it’s always interesting to find out that it doesn’t always require miles and miles of extra effort. Sometimes it’s just about working hard and going that extra inch, like Kelli did.

Her drive and passion to pursue a career in media has lead to a 12-year career in entertainment reporting and having interviewed nearly every big-name celebrity entertainer you can think of!

When it comes preparing for an interview, knowing as much as possible about her guests in advance allows her to be confident in approaching the interview and it shows that she respects the person for taking the time to learn about their project or background.

Another solid interviewing tip from Kelli for traditional media, podcasting, you name it, is to know where you hope the interview will go in advance, but to be open to it going a completely different direction.

When working through how to interview someone, one of the biggest rookie mistakes Kelli sees is simply not listening to the person. It’s easy to get nervous or to always try to think of the next thing you want to say, which can pull your awareness away from the person you’re there to focus on.

Kelli’s tip on how to get those hard to get interviews is two fold:

1. Longevity demonstrates that you are someone worth talking to. The more interviews you have done or the longer your publication or podcast has existed, the more respect that typically offers you.

2. Do your homework on the person. Find out what they have going on. Do they have a new book, a new program, product, or event that they want to get the word out about? Those can be great opportunities to get an interview with high-level influencers.

And, finally, for Kelli, when working with the top celebrities in the world, one of the things that helps keep her grounded and focused is her spirituality.

When you are serving out a higher purpose, whether that’s through spirituality or charity work, and so on, living for something that is bigger and outside of you creates what for many is essentially a mission they are on in life.

Great advice, Kelli!

Can honing or stepping up your interview skills open more doors and lead to more great things for you and your business?

Take the first step today and watch what happens!

Get some great nuggets from Kelli? If so, please leave us a comment below and tell us what you loved!


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