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Looking to find out how to create a virtual summit? Well, look no further!

This episode is all about how to create a virtual summit, why you would want to, and the benefits of a virtual summit for you and your clients!

First, what is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is typically comprised of anywhere from 10-25 speakers, usually from within the same niche or theme such as health and wellness, business, or perhaps they may all be successful entrepreneurs, etc..

Each speaker normally has their own individual speaking session where they are sharing tips, ideas, insights, and their story.

Then, all of the separate sessions are bundled up and delivered virtually!

The benefit for the organizer of the summit is not only delivering great content and strategy to the people who watch or listen to the sessions, but it positions you as a leader in your niche and helps foster relationships with the other key influencers you featured on the summit!

Most summits are monetized by charging for access to the interviews.

However, in our case, with the Life on Fire Virtual Summit, we are giving the interviews away for FREE!

We are, instead, giving people the opportunity to purchase a bundle of training programs worth thousands of dollars and make a donation to an organization called Pencils of Promise for just $97!

One common question is, how do you get all of the speakers to want to be a part of your summit?

There are a few different ways you can do this.

1. You can allow the speakers to offer something for sale, or a free giveaway on their session. That provides the opportunity for the speakers to get direct exposure from your summit promotion.

2. You can first secure an “anchor” speaker, which is someone of high influence in your niche, and allow that person to sell on your summit. Many times, if you have the right anchor speaker, once the other speakers find out that person is on board they will automatically want to be a part of it.

Start mapping out your summit today!

And, even if you think you’re not quite ready for a summit yet, check out to see a live example of our virtual summit!

Love the idea of rapidly growing your list and influence with a summit? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know!


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