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Familiar with the concept of “paying it forward”?

If you’ve been tuning in to Life on Fire for any decent amount of time you know we’re all about paying it forward!

It’s so easy in life and in business to keep our heads down, work away, and stay focused on our own lives, needs, and wants.

The phrase “givers gain” is so very true. Ever since I started intentionally giving, it has come back into my life in so many ways and in such abundance.

But, I truly believe it’s not the just the act of giving that allows you gain, it the intention with which you give.

And, as crazy as it sounds, when you give without an agenda and without wanting or trying to gain anything at all, that seems to be when you gain the most.

We’re about to be give in a MAJOR way to a group called Pencils of Promise to help build a school for impoverished children.

It’s all happening through our Life on Fire Virtual Summit, which consists of over 24 amazing interviews with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs around, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank”, Brian Tracy, John Lee Dumas, and MANY, more!

These are some of the best and brightest minds in business sharing what’s worked for them and what their best insights, tips, and takeaways are from the careers they’ve built!

You can catch all the action at for FREE!

We’ve never set our sights on such a large goal like building an entire school, and we’ve never been more excited to make it happen!

I hope this episode reminds you and in inspires you to go out and give to someone. Pay it forward and watch what happens! Put a smile on someone’s face. Make someone’s day!

And, let me know how it made you feel!

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