In the context of business, people often refer to their “why” for the reason that they do what they do.

You may have more than one “why”, but it’s typically 1 to 3 highly motivating and important things that become the purpose behind your passion.

Giving back to others who are less fortune is one of mine…

Here’s how it all started…

About a year and a half ago I had a team member who packed up his family and entire life to move to Honduras.

We found a way that he could still work from there and I was totally supportive of his move.

I also wanted to see what it was all about.

So, I went there myself to see first hand.

What I saw forever changed my life.

Each family who was part of the organization he was working with had adopted 4 orphaned children and they were raising them and educating them.

These were some of the happiest children I have ever seen. Just full of life!

The next day I saw where they came from…

It was literally, basically, a prison for children.

Twenty five foot barbed wire walls surrounding this compound. Inside there was a room where the infants lived until they were 4 years old.

They were not allowed to come out of this room or see sunlight until they were 4.

It was one of the most gut-wrenching things I have ever seen.

I had to help.

I made a significant donation that allowed them to purchase more land and build a new school for more children and I came home wanting to do more…

Two of the most powerful ways you can give are with your time and with your money.

I believe when you weave giving into your company culture and into your personal life, not only does it help others, but it also gives you a higher level of purpose and personal fulfillment.

My entire experience in Honduras essentially paved the way for the project we’re currently helping.

It’s through an organization called Pencils of Promise, founded by Adam Braun, and their mission is to build schools in needy parts of the world.

We’ve pledged to build a school in Guatemala through their organization, and we couldn’t be more excited to give!

In fact, we have other top marketers like John Lee Dumas, Mike Koenigs, Brian Tracy, and many more involved in the project.

How can you help?

We’ve put together an amazing package of over $6,000 in marketing and personal development training programs that you can purchase for a donation of just $97.

We’re calling it the Business on Fire Bundle and you can make a donation, help build a school, and get over $6,000 worth of training programs today by heading to:

We greatly appreciate your support and your generous donation and we hope this episode inspires you to give back and make giving part of your purpose and your business…

Thank you.

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