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When we first get the entrepreneurial bug it’s often a struggle to figure out exactly what it is we want to do.

Here to answer that question is New York Times Bestselling Author of the book, “What is Your What? – Discover the One Amazing Thing Your Were Born to Do”, Steve Olsher!

Steve believes that your “what” is at the center of where these three things overlap in your life:

1. What you love to do

2. What you’re good at

3. What someone will pay you to do

Even many seasoned entrepreneurs are missing one or even two of these elements.

Maybe they are getting paid, but they don’t love what they are doing, which is only going to last so long before the person burns out.

Or, maybe they aren’t very good at what they are doing, which is probably substantially hindering their income.

The magic happens when you have all three.

The challenge is typically lack of clarity. Signs of this are:

– Working way too hard with little to show

– It’s a struggle to generate revenue and new clients

– You’re competing on price

– Your initial spark or enthusiasm doesn’t last long

– You’re reliant on others

Conversely, once you figure out what your what is…

– You can’t wait to serve

– Money (including lack of money) is no longer a driving factor

– Revenue flows

– People bang down your door to pay you at your desired level of compensation

– You remain engaged, energized and enthusiastic about what you’re doing

But, what about your passion? Isn’t that your “what”?

Steve warns us not to confuse the two.

What your are emotionally passionate about may not be what you were meant to do to earn a living, or it may not be what you’re good at.

Steve acknowledges that of course you want to be passionate about your work. But, when you try to turn your passion into your work, you introduce emotion into the equation which can cloud your judgement.

Another big distinction Steve clarifies is, “Isn’t your ‘what’ the same thing as your ‘why’?”

Close, but not quite.

When you ask most people what their “why” is, they will start listing off how what they do impacts or benefits other people. So, in other words your why is external.

Your what, on the other hand, is everything that is internal. It’s in your DNA, as Steve says.

So, what is it that’s holding people back from discovering their what?

First, Steve points out, most people don’t allow themselves the time and permission to figure it out.

The second reason people don’t discover their what is simply denial. It can seem easier to just keep doing what you’re familiar with, rather than actually challenging yourself to make a change, even if that change has nothing but upside.

And, third, some people don’t look back far enough in their life to figure out what their what is.

So here are the next steps for you…

Gain and understanding of how to determine your what.

Identify your what.

Create a powerful step-by-step plan.

Become clear on your legacy.

Take the first step and start discovering your what today!

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