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On this episode of Life on Fire TV, we have one of the legends, marketing and personal development expert, Brian Tracy.

We dive right in with Brian to find out what he’s found to be common, repeatable traits of successful entrepreneurs.

First, you obviously have to sell something to someone. However, one factor that he’s seen is that some of the most successful people already like and consume their own product themselves before they market it to others.

Also, the age-old method still stands true of finding a large group of people with a similar problem and determine an acceptable solution to that problem.

From there it’s down to determining the demographic, psychographic, and now the ethnographic characteristics of your ideal customer.

“Your customers want you to be rich, as long as you make them happy”, Brian points out.

The first step is to make them happy, then make them *happier* than your competitors do.

Tracy astutely notes, whether you think you’re in customer service or not, if you’re in business, you’re in customer service.

Customer satisfaction is how you measure business success. This is measured three ways:

1. Do they buy from you?
2. Do they buy again?
3. Do they bring their friends?

To grow your business, Brian says, there are only 4 questions to ask your customers:

1. What should we do more of?
2. What should we do less of?
3. What should we start doing that we’re not doing now?
4. What should we stop doing completely?

Siting a recently worldwide study, when it comes to predicting a businesses success, there are 3 major factors to focus on which are having clear goals and objectives (including financial goals), measuring EVERYTHING, and third, special rewards for excellent performance.

When starting out, and seeing time management, Brian notes that you need to work about 60 hours a week, full blast, 10-hour days, 6 days a week. Way too many people are seeking “balance” when their starting out. The development phase of your business needs to be out of balance and more heavily weighted on your business (in the beginning) if your business is ever going to get anywhere.

More valuable than any other piece of his interview, Brian emphasizes that when you’re “working”, work. Don’t socialize or browse the internet, or get caught in personal conversations or texting, WORK.

Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish that day and start with the most important one first. The most important mindset accomplishment is to start and complete and important task first thing in the day.

Finally, when it comes to being a great leader, you have to have vision. You have to know what you’re trying to accomplish every single day and you have to focus on doing your most important tasks every day.

Brian has set up a fantastic leadership assessment, which you can take for free at!

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