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Here today to teach us how to publish a book on Amazon in less than 2 months is Amazon best-selling author, and internet marketing guru, Mike Koenigs!

By following what you’re going to learn from Mike process, I just realized my first book, The Book on Facebook Marketing, available for FREE on for a limited time HERE!

What started Mike on his journey to write his first book is actually when he was receiving life-saving cancer treatment at Duke hospital.

Laying there facing possible death, Mike realized that although his career would be a form of his legacy for his family, for him, a book was a much more permanent form of legacy that he wanted to leave.

While on heavy doses of chemo, Mike could muster about an hour a day of energy that he would use to speak his book into his iPhone so that it could be dictated into written form.

Since then, he’s written 7 books and coached over 400 others on how to get their book written, published, and promoted on Amazon.

As Mike points out, creating a book is one of the fastest, easiest ways for others to consume your value and for you to spread your thoughts, ideas, and messages.

In the digital age we live in, not only can books be distributed at no additional cost to the author using means like the Kindle platform and audio books, but paperback books can essentially be printed on-demand through platforms like Amazon, eliminating the need to buy and maintain massive inventory.

Mike’s book writing process consists of 5 steps:

1. Preparation – This is where you determine what the theme of your book is going to be, who your audience is, and what problem or interest your book will address, as well as the title, subtitle, etc.

2. Performing – This can be you being interviewed to verbally “write” your book, you interviewing others, or possibly you dictating it and “interviewing” yourself.

3. Publish – has made it easier than ever to publish a book.

4. Promote – This step consists of leveraging all of the existing platforms that are out there such as Amazon and iTunes, digital and audio, and so on.

5. Profit – The final step is to convert all of the available mediums to actually making money, such as consulting, building your email list, and directly making products and services available.

When it comes to structuring the title, subtitle, and look of your cover, start with what’s already working. Go on Amazon, study the bestsellers in the category you want to write about, and find the commonalities those books have.

And, once you have your book completed and published, the possibilities of how you can use it are nearly endless.

You can use it to get speaking opportunities, land clients, land consulting opportunities, create interview opportunities, start your own podcast, and on, and on.

Mike has generously offered to make his book Publish and Profit available, which outlines this entire process in great detail at!

Get started today! As Mike says, “The world belongs to implementors!”

And, if Mike inspired you to finally get that book out of your mind and into people’s hands, please leave a comment below!

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