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We are so excited to feature our partners on the Life on Fire Virtual Summit, Mike & Robin Pisciotta, in this special session to speak on how to build your authority, list, and profits with a virtual summit!

For Mike and Robin, their Life on Fire, their reason for wanting to be entrepreneurs, can be summed up in one word, Freedom.

Isn’t that what we all want as entrepreneurs?

Well, the road to achieving that isn’t always a predictable, simple straight line.

Mike and Robin had to completely start their business models over from scratch 3 times after they were forced out of their physical business location due to eminent domain and redesigning their online business.

However, what they gained in all of that was real life experience, which they were soon able to leverage…

Within 90 days of changing their business model, they planned and hosted their first summit.

One of the biggest benefits of creating their summit was INSTANT authority and instant credibility.

It can feel like you’re seen everywhere when you have all of your individual speakers talking about you.

So, how do you get your speakers?

Mike and Robin like to focus on landing their “main stage” speaker first through having their graphic design really dialed in, and having a list of the other speakers they are trying to attract.

Once the look of the summit is perfected and you have your anchor speaker on board, that’s the key to being able to attract your other speakers.

If done correctly, one of the biggest benefits of creating a summit is the list it can build for you. A huge tip on this is to keep in mind the types of people you’re trying to attract when selecting your speakers.

It’s not just about building a list and growing your numbers, its about getting the right people on your list.

Mike and Robin’s first summit built them a highly targeted list of over 5,000 people nearly overnight!

And, ultimately, your summit will help you connect with your audience and be the hub for the value you’re providing.

From there, they jump into the juicy part, monetization!

On their summit, Mike and Robin generated over $17,000 of revenue before it even started! Then, they added an additional $21,000 by packaging it as a physical product, not to mention selling out their group coaching program and filling their private client roster!

One summit was the catalyst that launched them into mid 6-figures in under 9 months!

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have that kind of your success yourself?

Well, we’ve decided to team up with Mike and Robin to put together our years of experience crushing it with multiple summits and teach our entire process to you.

Get all the details of what you’ll learn before we close the doors at Six Figure Summits!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this opportunity to you!

Just go to Six Figure Summits
and grab one of the remaining spots and start building your authority, list, and profits today!

And, if you got a ton of great tips out of Mike and Robin’s session, please leave a comment below!

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