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Ever wondered how to get JV partners? Here today to tell us how to get BIG JV partners is Anthony Amos!

Author of the book, “How to Catch a Shark”, Anthony shares his tips on how to create relationships with influential people.

Anthony notes that when it comes to creating business ventures with highly successful people, rather than attempting to approach the person directly, you are far better off meeting them through one of their existing contacts who is worthy for them to take notice.

What he found was establishing a relationship starts with truly being congruent with the influencer.

One way to determine whether that’s possible is to study personality types.

First, it starts with knowing your personality type.

From there, it’s studying the other types that exist so that you can quickly identify characteristics upon meeting people in order to better understand them and better communicate with them.

When structuring your “offer” (aka, what you want from the “shark”), you will be successful far more often if you seek to add value first.

Nearly everyone who approaches major influencers and highly successful entrepreneurs is looking to take before they give, which is the total wrong approach.

So, what should someone new do?

The main thing is just keep moving forward and take imperfect action toward your business goal. That will always trump sitting around and trying to plan out every detail before beginning.

There will inevitably be things in your business that you don’t like doing or shouldn’t do.

Anthony’s advice is to bring in other people to handle those tasks and give them a percentage of the revenue and ownership for doing so.

You always want to retain control of your business, but all that requires is 51%, which leaves you 49% to work with!

Your playbook is:

1. Get your concept to market as quickly as possible.
2. Refine your concept based on real world testing and results
3. Seek out partners who can come on board and assist with the aspects of the business you need to delegate
4. Position yourself to add value to your “shark”

Ultimately, people want to connect with other people who they like.

As Anthony puts it, “The authenticity of your personality is the creation of everything you want.”

So, take massive action, seek to add value, and start working on your “shark plan” today!

For more from Anthony, make sure you visit his website at and grab his book, “How to Catch a Shark”!

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