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Business coach, Bill Baren, joins us for this session of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit to talk coaching, mentorship, determination, and success!

Bill’s start in the real world came just after graduating from Stanford with a degree in computer science.

So, where did he go from there?

The music business, of course! (Against his parents wishes!)

At his peak, he had a small, independent record label, a music store, 85 employees, and over $10,000,000 per year in gross revenue.

After realizing he wasn’t living his true calling, he sold off his business, and planned to regroup while living off of his 5 year payment coming from the sale of his business.

The payments stopped after month 4.

So, with a newfound urgency Bill was lucky enough to come across coaching.

Bill spent the next 4 years working toward becoming a business coach.

It wasn’t until he started failing even further before he finally developed a repeatable system that worked for him.

And, after making $25,000 per year for 4 years, Bill’s income jumped to 6-figures within 6 months of putting his new sales process in place.

What Bill did was become a master sales communicator. And, in his process, his communication is 85% about listening and only 15% about speaking.

By truly understanding what it is someone desires and helping them see and feel that it’s possible, that’s how you create success with them.

As Bill says, “The person that can keep them feeling that pure place of possibility is the person they’re going to hire (as a coach).”

For Bill, what makes a great coach is fully committing to be the coach and realizing that their experience is not about you, as the coach, at all. It’s about you being a doorway toward helping someone move forward.

And, what he finds in his clients and his own life, is that consistency and unrelenting determination are the keys to success.

“Everything we want goes through the island of doing what we don’t want to do first”, Bill acknowledges.

In addition to his honed enrollment skills, one of the things that has undoubtedly made Bill successful is the fact that profits are not the primary driver of his business decisions.

Impact on his clients comes first.

Bill reveals that he’s often knowingly made decisions that made him less money because it ultimately resulted in a better outcome for his clients.

Great stuff, Bill!

So much wisdom packed into one interview!

To get a mind map of Bill’s sales enrollment conversation process, Bill has made that available for you at!

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