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Is there a business model out there that could never be duplicated, never be “ripped off” or copied?

It turns out, there is, as our guest today, Chris Ducker, points out, and that business is the business of YOU.

Nobody else has your same personality, your same thoughts, or your same unique gifts.

So, how to you go about communicating YOU to the masses?

Chris points out that there are 3 types of content you can produce:

1. Educational

2. Inspirational

3. Entertainment

The keys to determining which one to use when is to know your audience and what it is you want them to do next.

This leads to the natural question of, “How do you monetize YOU?”

Chris, and others who have successfully gone down this same path, find that your audience themselves will tell you how to monetize. They will speak up with problems that they want solutions for.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money, as long as you are providing quality and value.

And, “in order to sell, you must be seen”, Chris says.

So, here are your action steps:

1. Identify your niche

2. Know who you’re helping

3. Create great content

4. Build “P2P” Relationships

5. Monetize Your Brand

Start building the brand of YOU today!

And, if this episode inspired you to start building your personal brand, please leave a comment below!

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