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Here to give you the steps and insight to discovering your purpose is NY Times Bestselling Author, Steve Olsher!

Steve refers to discovering your purpose as finding out “What is Your What?”.

The path for Steve to discovering that he had the gift and wisdom within him to help others discover their purpose came at the bedside of his dying stepfather.

Up to that point, Steve’s business pursuits and successes could be summed up in his words as “chasing the dollar”.

In that instant, holding his stepfathers hand in his last few moments of life, it occurred to Steve that was the only legacy he had created up to that point, and he knew he had more within him.

If you’re questioning whether you’ve found your true purpose, Steve points out that, for him, he knew he wasn’t living his highest purpose when every day he would wake with a lack of “fire” for what he was doing.

The framework he created for himself, eventually became a class, which eventually became the book, “What is Your What?”

Imagine doing what you truly love for a living. Many people think of rock stars and professional athletes and think, man, they have the life.

As Steve reminds us, what we don’t see when those people are performing is all of the hard work they put in to get there.

And, that’s the part that stops most people. Actually doing the work. Way too many people hit a tiny bump in the road, it stops them like an impenetrable force field, and they never keep going.

It’s a 3 step process, says Steve:

1. Identify what your “what” is
2. Be willing to make a slow, steady transition to doing your what
3. Work your ass off

Significant change doesn’t happen overnight. But, if you start in small increments, it can happen, for many.

One big distinction you may need to make if you are looking at this type of transition is getting very serious about what it is you want (how much you’d like to make, for example) vs. what you really need (what you could get by with, if you had to) in order to actually make the transition.

You may WANT $250,000 per year. But, you may be able to make some sacrifices and “make the leap” once you hit $5,000 per month.

Big difference.

Another big different Steve points out is your purpose, many times, won’t be your passion.

You may have a passion for cooking, or horse riding, or woodworking. But, that may not be your gift and the way you should attempt to earn your income.

Passion is based on emotion and feeling, which can possibly lead you down illogical paths for pursuing income.

The key is matching your gift, with the vehicle to deliver your gift, which you then use to help others.

You can start at either end of that equation. If you aren’t sure what your gift is, you may already know who you love to help, for example.

Steve believes that we all have a unique gift inside of us that is just waiting to be unlocked and discovered.

The first step…

Is to take the first step.

A great first step is to grab a free copy of Steve’s book, What is Your What at!

We hope you got a ton of great information out of Steve’s interview! If so, please leave a comment below!

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