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Back for part two of the Life on Fire Virtual Summit is #1 iTunes podcaster, John Lee Dumas, to teach us how to create, grow, and monetize a podcast!

Over the last 2 1/2 years, John has created and grown one of the top podcasts on all of iTunes, Entrepreneur on Fire.

As a result, he has also built a 7-figure per year business in the process, all based on his podcast.

So, how did he do it?

John’s first step was to enlist help, in the form of a podcasting mentor. At the time when he started there was very little in terms of courses he could take or training available on the topic.

The passion that made him want to become a podcaster was his own love of podcasts on his long commutes to work, time at the gym, and so on.

One day, he simply ran out of podcasts to listen to.

And, then it hit him…

“There needs to be a 7-day a week podcast!”

His mentors told him he was crazy, that nobody would want to listen to a podcast that often, that he would get burnt out, but it turns out John was right.

Watch a listen as John walks through every single step of creating podcast from the first recording of the audio file, to adding the necessary data and notes to submit a new episode to iTunes.

When things get technical they can seem scary and confusing at first. But, as you’ll see, he lays it out very simply and the process becomes one you can do in your sleep once you get the hang of it!

From there, you’ll find out how John leverages that same content to be broadcast to multiple other platforms, capturing new audiences outside of iTunes.

Next John dives into his growth strategies. This is truly the key to having a successful podcast. The bigger your audience, the more impact your show will have (and the easier it is to monetize)!

And, when it comes to monetizing, one of the most desirable forms of monetizing is through sponsorship.

That’s when other companies pay you, typically on a per-episode basis, for you to read their short advertisements during your show.

This alone can create 5-figures per month of income if your podcast is large enough!

So, where do you begin? It can all be a bit overwhelming if it’s not laid out for you step-by-step.

Luckily, John has packaged up all of his knowledge and made it available to you in his step-by-step training at!

Hundreds of podcasters have gotten their start by going through John’s system, and there’s still plenty of opportunity for new podcasters to make their mark in iTunes and the various other platforms!

Start yours today!

This is the exact system John used (and still uses to this day) to start his podcast a build a massively successful business! Get access right now at!

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