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Today’s episode is all about finding your purpose and the “3 S strategy”. Strategy doesn’t matter if you don’t have a purpose and a purpose is hard to fulfill if you don’t have a strategy. They go hand in hand to successfully share your true gifts with the world and empower others to do the same.

When you’re an entrepreneur in alignment, you know what your mission in life is. When you have truly nailed your purpose, you go from pushing a boulder up a mountain to being pulled through life with the flow. Everything in your life changes at that moment when you discover your purpose.

Discovering your purpose requires you to be open-minded and then take action. You’ll also (more than likely) need someone like a coach who can look into your past from the outside and help you clearly see your story of the past and create a vision for your future.

3 S Strategy – Story | Stance | Strategy

The 3 S Strategy is a part of all the VIP days which are 4 hours long. We start by drilling down into the story of your past, then figuring out your stance (what really pisses you off and usually comes directly from your story), then we develop a strategy to help you develop your messaging and get your gifts out into the world.

Your being, your story, your message is a big deal for others to hear. Even if you think it’s insignificant, you’ll discover with the 3 S Strategy why it’s so important to get it out into the world.

Eric Yang’s Story

Eric was raised without love by a housecleaner who hated him. He was a troubled, unhappy kid whose mother left him and was living with a father who was more like an unfriendly neighbor rather than a loving father. By high school, Eric ended up very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. In the end, he was not able to follow through on it.

One day shortly after his failed attempt, he was walking by a bookstore and just picked the thickest English book which happened to be Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within”. He holed up in his room for 2 days straight reading it from cover to cover.

Reading that book actually ended up saving Eric’s life and giving him a reason to live. After reading the book, Eric came to the realization that he had been jumping from school to school, running from his unloving parents and the housekeeper who hated him all in an effort to try and change the environments in which he was living. But what he then discovered was… you have to change within to be happy.

Eric Yang’s Stance

“You have to change from within.”

After Eric read the book and made his discovery, he ended up going to a Tony Robbins event and walked on fire. Soon after he came to Life on Fire’s Ignite event and walked on glass and broke through boards.

He discovered he wanted to help people change within.

Eric Yang’s Strategy

Eric discovered his purpose and now has a moral obligation to share his story to help inspire others and ultimately save lives.

He can devote his life to personal development and learn how to help people change from within. He can do that through writing books, doing webinars, being interviewed, being on stage sharing his stories and strategies on how to change from within.

The Eric Yang Story in 3 lines…

  • The power of a book
  • The power of coaching
  • The power of finding your purpose

In Eric’s Own Words:

Big ah-ha moment was the book “Unleash The Power Within” by Tony Robbins.

Everyone needs to improve as a person.

All the books, energy, and momentum won’t get you there without applying the right strategy.

With the right tools and guidance you can succeed.

Nobody fails alone and nobody succeeds alone.

IGNITE and live a Life on Fire!!!

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