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Aside from proposing to my fiancé, hiring a business coach was the #1 best decision I’ve ever made in my life, and it’s the reason Life on Fire exists today.

But, how do you go about finding and hiring the right coach for you and, in-turn, making more money?

I wish I could say my story was that I had the insight and forethought to hire a business coach from the get go, but that was definitely not the case.

The lightbulb came on for me, however, when, after following some bad professional “advice” and having one business turn into a total disaster, I reestablished myself, and actually sold my next business by the age of 30.

I thought hitting that massive goal of mine was going to put me on top of the world, but it was actually the complete opposite. Although I had more money than I had ever had, I felt totally alone and purposeless.

It was about then that I met a friend, Shanda Sumpter, who seemed to have this fantastic life, and great energy, attitude, and business where she takes a week a month off and so on, so I asked her how she did it.

And, very simply, she said, “I have a business coach.”

I thought, “Wait? That’s it? That’s your secret?”

For her, that truly was her secret. She invested $3,000 per month to have 1-on-1 coaching and group mastermind time with her business coach to help keep her on track, set goals, and bounce strategic ideas off of. It was basically like taking on a marketing and life strategist as a partner and mentor for her life and business.

So, I begged this woman (Suzanne Evans) to let me into her coaching program which was completely full at the time, and somehow I got her to let me in.

One of the first steps in working with Suzanne was an in-person 1-on-1 VIP coaching day, just her and me.

This was where the magic truly happened.

When you’re inside your own head or your own business, it’s hard to step outside of that, take off the blinders, biases, and limiting beliefs and coach yourself.

This is one of the HUGE benefits of why many professionals hire a coach. They know that it’s impossible to observe and coach themselves and somehow come up with new solutions on their own that they’ve never thought of before.

Since that day years ago with Suzanne, I’ve come to realize that providing those same 1-on-1 dedicated blocks of coaching time with my clients and really drilling down into their business and lives to come up with clear strategies and and action plan is one of my best skills as a business coach.

One of the key components of a VIP coaching day is to get super clear on what your purpose or your stance is.

Once you own that, and your life and business are in alignment with that, your business suddenly takes on an entirely new meaning and level of fulfillment for you.

Becoming 100% clear on your purpose is the primary reason for hiring a business coach and something you must receive when coaching with someone.

When it comes to hiring a coach, one significant criteria to consider is, is the coach in a position you’d like to be?

From there, you want to find out what their areas of expertise are, whether they have other coaches on their team, what their personal background is, what their network looks like, and so on.

So, as a starting point, my free gift to you is the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 complimentary 30-minute coaching call with me or my team to help you get clear on your purpose and strategy.

We can only do so many calls, so if it’s something you’d like to take advantage of, head over to now, take a look at the details, and see if it makes sense for you.

Again, that’s my free gift to you, at!

Start living your purpose today!

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