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Hola and welcome to another episode of Life on Fire TV! Today’s show is all about the art of storytelling. And not the kind where you sit around a campfire telling tall tales, the kind of storytelling that takes your biggest challenges and makes them into your biggest opportunities.

One of the most powerful things about being a business coach is helping people leverage those challenges to find their purpose and their mission. And it always starts with story.

Story and storytelling are a vital piece of my one on one VIP Days with clients. In fact, I have them start by telling me their life’s story, all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. And when we look at the pieces and components we find how to reframe challenges from the past and make them into amazing gifts.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • How to use your story to attract and inspire others. (4:30)
  • Why storytelling connects you and your audience on a deeper level. (6:50)
  • How Karen made $75k in under 30 days. (17:15)
  • What’s the one question that sets everyone free? (20:30)
  • And so much more!

A great example of this is my client Karen Fagan. Karen came to me through a friend, and after watching several of my videos, signed up for my VIP Firestarter Elite program. When we sat down for our VIP Day I had her tell me the story of her life.

When you listen to the show you’ll hear all the details (shared with Karen’s permission of course!) but suffice to say Karen had overcome a great deal and faced tremendous hurdles on her way to sitting across from me that day.

She vulnerably and courageously shared her story of an unhappy childhood being raised by alcoholic parents. Consequently she spent many years attracting unavailable people in every area of her life, including being involved with married men.

But Karen had the courage to overcome and persevere her many difficulties and as we talked during her VIP Day I helped her see the importance and value in telling her story. Up until that point she had only told bits and pieces of it, and had not shared the full scope of her story with her audience.

As we drilled down and really honed her story so she could share it with her audience, I also wanted her to get crystal clear on where she wanted to spend her time so we could focus all her efforts in that direction. Because once you have your story locked down and are sharing it, then and only then will strategies and tactics begin to fully pay off in your business efforts.

During that conversation, Karen did get clear on her story and where she wants to spend her time. In fact, she created an entirely new focus for her business and has been promoting it with her friend Patty Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker!

Listen in to get all the details, including Karen’s take on what that VIP Day meant for her and her business.

And if you’re interested in having that same experience that Karen had I’m offering an amazing deal right now! Email support at and write VIP Day as your subject line. Be sure to include your phone number so the LOF team can call you back and set up your personal VIP Day.

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