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Hey everybody! Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Life on Fire TV. On today’s show a very special woman joins us to tell her story, Shirley Solis.

Shirley candidly and authentically talks about how she’s turning her greatest challenges into opportunity. We dive into her VIP Day and what brought her to the Life on Fire Community, including overcoming tremendous difficulties in her marriage and how those led her to discover her true purpose and calling in life.

Shirley shares the full story in the audio and video below, but when I recently met her she told me she and her husband are strong Christians who have built a business helping families of faith homeschool their children. They’ve traveled the country working with these families and being an example of a happy, committed marriage.

Until Shirley found out her husband had emotionally cheated because of an addiction to pornography. Later she discovered he had physically cheated as well.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Why leaning into your greatest challenges creates opportunity. (1:15)
  • How Shirley turned around her marriage, her family and her business. (7:00)
  • What to do when your Life on Fire vision scares you. (18:30)
  • What’s one of the most powerful questions to help you define your purpose? (23:20)
  • Why accountability is so important. (25:00)
  • And so much more!

Shirley openly shares all of this during her VIP session with me, and goes on to talk about her decision to stay committed to her husband, their six children and the life they’ve created. She chose to step into her power as a woman, and be a leader for everyone in their family and in their business.

That commitment and that stand brought her to me. She had a program she wanted to expand, scale and grow called “Building Character With Your Children”. But as we talked about that program Shirley said it felt like it was her “duty” to build it.

So I dug in, asked her a few key questions to get her thinking beyond duty and start thinking of what her version of a life on fire would look like. When you listen to this episode you will hear with your own ears when her “ah ha” moment happens!

And it’s a transformative moment for her, Shirley describes in vivid detail what her real purpose and mission is in this lifetime. She is incredibly excited to work with women and hold live events that completely reinvent what a motivational and inspirational conference should be like. From tastes to colors to sounds, Shirley creates it during our session.

You can hear a clip of it in this episode, but it’s the most impactful if you listen to the full audio or video of our VIP session. I strongly recommend the full length version if you’ve been considering having your own VIP Day. You’ll really understand what’s possible for you if you see and hear Shirley create her life on fire!

And when you are ready to turn your challenges into opportunity email support at and write VIP Day as your subject line. Be sure to include your phone number so the LOF team can call you back and set up your personal VIP Day.

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