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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 130 of Life on Fire TV. I’m super excited to share today’s show with you for two reasons: the first reason is this topic: it’s so critical to living a life on fire! And my second reason is my awesome guest: Michael O’Neal.

Today Michael and I are talking about hobbies and the important role they play in living a life on fire. If you don’t know Michael he’s the host of one of the best podcasts out there today: The Solopreneur Hour. Check it out here (

I brought him on the show because I recently decided to take up a hobby and I needed help in choosing one. Michael introduced me to the world of audio equipment and autocross racing; I’ve been hooked ever since! But this episode isn’t about me, it’s about what hobbies can do for YOU.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why are hobbies so important? (1:20)
  • The balance outside interests will bring to your entrepreneurial life. (5:00).
  • Can a hobby ever make money for you? (8:00)
  • Why the journey is more important than the end goal. (9:30)
  • What losing my grandfather taught me about priorities. (12:05)
  • And so much more!

As entrepreneurs we can easily spend from dusk til dawn on our businesses, but if we add hobbies to our lives they give us an opportunity to gain perspective and add another kind of fulfillment.

There are of course times when we have to be head down and completely focused on our entrepreneurial endeavors, but there are times when we can turn off our phones, our laptops and our tablets and spend some time on something that isn’t about business.

One of the greatest advantages to being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is time freedom, doing what we want when we want. So why not take up a hobby and enjoy some of that freedom? Take an exercise class on a Tuesday at 3pm, practice the banjo on Thursdays over your noon hour. It’ll be good for your business and for your life!

The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs in the world are the ones who enjoy the journey, they have a destination in mind and are working towards it but they enjoy the process along the way.

When we add hobbies to that journey we enrich ourselves and create more vibrant, fulfilling experiences as we enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.

After you watch today’s show send us a Tweet and tell us what your hobbies are or what hobbies you’re interested in taking up. Thank you in advance for the Tweet and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire TV!