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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 138 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re wrapping up the third installment of your 3 day motivational challenge. Our focus is increasing your performance tenfold by getting into the zone easier and staying there longer!

I’ll walk you through how to create a powerful morning ritual to supercharge your day, how to master your calendar and how to stay super motivated no matter what challenge crosses your path. Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV

To create a powerful morning ritual that supercharges your day there are six steps I recommend:

1. Get up earlier.

2. Say three things you’re grateful for the minute you wake up.

3. Tap into your spirituality through prayer or meditation, if you’re into that.

4. From day 2, read the letter you’ve written yourself and let the emotion of that letter fill you up.

5. Eat something light and healthy to boost your energy and fill your body with the proper nutrients.

6. Finally kick off your morning with some exercise. Listen to something uplifting in your ears when you do!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to get in the zone and stay there longer (1:35).
  • Why your morning sets the tone for your day (3:10).
  • What is batching and why should you do it (9:40)?
  • What is Parkinson’s Law (11:35)?
  • This one thing absolutely kills energy and motivation – what is it (12:50)?
  • And so much more!

Whether you have kids or you aren’t a morning person, you can still do these things to start your day. If you only have 15 minutes then condense them into those 15 minutes!

Take what works for you from that list above and make your morning ritual something you look forward to when you go to the bed the night before (it’ll make it that much easier for you to get up early!).

I give several other tips on how to 10x your daily performance, including mastering your calendar. My top tip for this? Batch your activities. Sprint, then break, sprint and then break, sprint again and then break.

What I mean by that is this: whenever and wherever possible batch together similar activities. For example, I do all of my coaching calls on the same day. I batch them together, then take a break and get back into them after my break.

By batching I’m solely focused on the calls, and I’m not distracted by the blog post or sales copy I’m writing later on. I save those activities for other days.

Another tip to mastering your calendar is to schedule your vacation and your breaks, and do so liberally. Ever notice how much you can accomplish before you go on a vacation? You’re super productive and manage to get it all done, even when it seems impossible! When you know a vacation is coming up you’ll keep that same intensity level.

On this episode I also give you an awesome email challenge that will help you stay focused during your day, and a powerful way to stay in a flow state. Check it out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV!