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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 140 of Life on Fire TV. Today’s episode is about one of my favorite topics to share: how to create a virtual summit and promote it with Facebook ads.

This is one of my favorite topics because it benefits you no matter what stage your business is in. Whether you’re just starting out like I was or you’ve been in the game for awhile, a virtual summit is an exceptional way to position your brand, your business and yourself in your marketplace.

Personally I’ve used this strategy to sell my first business by the age of 30 and I’ve used it to build Life on Fire into a seven-figure business. I’ve also helped many of my clients use it to generate six figures for themselves!

In this episode you’ll hear:

• Why I never wanted a regular job, even as a kid. (6:55)
• How I became a Facebook marketing expert. (11:40)
• The one simple rule to follow when educating others. (12:05)
• What are the four main benefits of doing a virtual summit? (16:50)
• And so much more!

So let’s dive into the 11 steps necessary to make a virtual summit successful, and how to use Facebook ads to promote it.

1. Answer a few questions.

Answer these specific questions: what are you passionate about? What do you love to do? If you had all the money in the world what would you do?

2. Modeling is number 2.

You want to model your ideal lifestyle after someone who already has it. Who has a lifestyle you would like to emulate? Then figure out how they got that lifestyle, and commit to doing the same.

3. Your third step is to find out who your ideal customers are.

What are their biggest problems, challenges? What is their income, occupation, age? Create an avatar, one person who embodies all the characteristics of your ideal client and name that person. Now when you communicate in ads, or on your summit talk to that one person.

4. Now name your virtual summit.

Pick something that is simple and easy to remember when you chose your name, that way it’ll stick in people’s memories!

5. Number five is graphic design.

Now get your graphic design together, your visuals matter so make yours professional and make sure they stand out.

6. Get an anchor speaker.

Get the big one and they’ll bring everyone else.
Reach out to this person by edifying them authentically, then make sure they understand the benefits of being in your summit and give to them. Add enough value and they’ll say yes.

Sure you might feel afraid but remember your fear is an indicator you’re going to grow! Recognize it and embrace it, turn those feelings into motivation.

7. Now get the rest of your speakers.

Reach out to everyone else after you have your anchor. As soon as your anchor is in go to others you want and let them know your anchor has said yes. Those people will say yes because they want to be associated with your anchor too!

8. Your eighth step is getting your actual launch traffic.

What’s the best kind of traffic? The best traffic is endorsed traffic: there’s an implied support of you when it’s coming from someone established in your industry. Their endorsement goes a long way.

Ask your speakers to email info about your summit to their list, this is a way to get endorsed traffic.

9. Facebook ads.

Speaking of Facebook ads the second best traffic is paid, endorsed traffic. Social media is a great place to do this: create ads in which the person’s face is pictured with you, then target their audience.

10. Deliver the sessions.

For the tenth step you have your choice of various Google hangouts, teleseminars, webinars, etc. How you deliver the content is up to you, you can interview them, or let them do their thing. I wanted to be seen as an equal so I interviewed my speakers, but the choices if yours.

11. Now leverage this content.

Here again you have your choice of where to share it from podcasts to YouTube. Once the content has been created you can and should share it via different online platforms to grow your list, and promote your speakers.

And those are the 11 steps to creating an awesome virtual summit! Like I said earlier these are the steps I have taken to create mine and to build my business income to seven figures; I love to see my clients take this information and run with it. I hope you will too!

For all the specifics check out on today’s episode of Life on Fire TV and then create your own virtual summit.


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