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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 146 of Life on Fire TV. Today is an extra special episode that I hope you enjoy. When I find something that radically alters my business or my life in any way I want you to have it too, so today’s show is how faith doubled my business.

Rediscovering my faith and committing my life to God has more than doubled the revenue of Life on Fire, attracted ideal clients easier and brought me a greater sense of peace and calm.

If you’ve listened to the show before you’ve heard me talk about my faith on occasion. Perhaps you’ve heard the role God and Jesus have played in bringing my soon-to-be-wife into my life, Megan Ann.

But at my last Life on Fire event I decided to include an optional session to talk about the details of how I rediscovered my faith and how it’s been so pivotal in my personal and professional transformation.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it means if you’ve ever felt that itch for more. (13:00)
  • The day that changed my life forever. (19:30)
  • Is there a reason for all things that happen in our lives? (40:35)
  • How faith healed my knee. (35:00)
  • How I doubled the amount of Firestarters from one event to another. (47:00)
  • And so much more!

Although I was raised Catholic and attended church growing up, it never really fit for me. I didn’t understand what the priests were saying or why they wore funny hats!

But one day at a church in San Diego called C3 changed all of that for me. A friend had been asking me to go and when I saw how she manifested the man of her dreams through her faith in God, I finally agreed. It was a day that would change everything for me.

The experience was so unlike my previous experiences with faith, and it moved me at my core. That part of me that had always been reaching for me, wanting more in my life and from my life, had been fulfilled. I knew it was like now to feel connected to something greater than myself, and that was something was Jesus.

From then on I began to grow my faith, and began to give up having to control every aspect of the things I did and the projects I worked on. I gave it over to God.

As a result I grew my audience, I grew my client base and I grew my income. I even found my ideal partner in Megan Ann.

I saw miracles happen time and again; my knee was fully healed through prayer, our Firestarter private coaching group doubled in size. And private coaching clients began to show up out of the blue (many clients – not just one or two) and they were clients who paid in full with no conversations needed. Nothing like that had ever happened before and I attribute it to my faith.

And I share this with you to give you the opportunity to see what faith can do in your life, and to reflect on where your faith has helped your success. Listen in to episode 146 of Life on Fire TV and reflect on those thoughts as you do. Feel free to share the episode after, and many thanks to you for being here.