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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 148 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re covering a very important topic for you: Facebook advertising.

Specifically you’re getting the 7 must-have advertising strategies for Facebook! These 7 tactics will remove the stress, hassle and confusion that normally goes along with Facebook marketing!

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to attract more of your ideal clients, grow your email list, your brand and your business – but it can be a very confusing and overwhelming tool to use. How do you know where to start, which tactic to apply and if any of it is working? And how do you do all of that without spending a fortune?

The answer is by using these 7 must-have advertising strategies.

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • What does it mean to itemize your Facebook ads?
  • Why you should target your own email list with ads.
  • Get the most clicks for the lowest cost by doing this.
  • Should you market to your competitors?
  • 2 cold-targeting techniques that work: what are they?
  • And so much more!

So without further delay let’s get into those 7 techniques!

7. Itemize your ad sets.

Create several ad sets to target different competitors. Create one ad set for Competitor A, another for Competitor B and another for Competitor C.

Once you’ve done that look at the click through rates and find the best response for the lowest lead cost. Whichever of the three ad sets is performing best you will focus on. Shut down the other two and double down on that one!

6. Warm target your own Facebook page for likes.

Once you have quality likes on your Facebook page then you’ll want to target them with a Facebook campaign.

The key here is to know you’re rewarded for the more interactive your ad is. So the more clicks and the more interaction, the  lower the cost of your campaign. Be sure to make your ads friendly, and conversational when targeting your own Facebook page likes.

5. A like campaign for your Facebook page.

To piggyback off of number six create a like campaign for your own Facebook page, and then create another campaign to target those likes (which we just discussed in the previous strategy).

A great way to do this is to make an ad that connects with your ideal audience; create an ad that says Click here if you like ___. And then fill in the blank with an interest of your audience, or your industry itself. I give a specific example in this episode.

4. Cold targeting with interests.

One of the most important and impactful of all of the seven Facebook strategies given here is this one: cold targeting based on interests. Market to your competitors based on interest and then itemize your campaign, like we discussed in #7.

3. The lookalike audience.

This is another cold targeting tactic I recommend. You do this by taking your current email list (and current buyer list if you have one), and upload it to Facebook.

Facebook then takes that information, identifies profiles attached to that list and and then picks out key characteristics of those profiles. The final step is creating an audience based on those key traits, your lookalike audience. These people are very similar to your list. As a result your ad resonates with this group and is very impactful and powerful.

2. Warm target with Facebook remarketing.

Have you ever noticed Facebook ads show up in your newsfeed that are from the same web sites you recently visited or products you’ve been searching for? That is the result of Facebook remarketing.

You can use this strategy as well. You’ll create a tracking pixel in Facebook and then add it to the code on your web site. For a step by step explanation check out the video linked below in the Resources section.

1. Warm targeting your own email list.

Run ads to your own email list is a highly effective technique and here’s why: even if you’re in contact with your list regularly emails simply aren’t being opened. The open rates continue to plummet for everyone in every industry.

For example if only 10% of your list opens your emails that means 90% of them aren’t!

So why not create Facebook ads to reach that remaining 90%? You’ll also have the added advantage of being seen everywhere – which changes everything in your business. When you’re seen everywhere people perceive your brand as more successful, which means you can attract bigger clients, charge more and serve even more people.

And those are the 7 must-have techniques for effective Facebook advertising. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of each there’s more in our Facebook Ads A to Z webinar. It’s completely free and walks you step by step through each strategy so you can use them to continue to create a life on fire!

You’ll want to hear all the details so tune in to this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.