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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 149 of Life on Fire TV. Today we’re diving deep into the world of Facebook advertising. Although it’s a topic we’ve touched on before it’s up for discussion again. Why? Because it’s the #1 issue I see most entrepreneurs have: how to generate quality leads. And effective Facebook advertising is the answer.

On this episode we will go over the key elements of a successful ad campaign and a marketing funnel, explain how Facebook ads can grow your email list and help you build a celebrity-like presence for your brand.

And our special guest Valerie Shoopman, Facebook marketing ninja, brings it home with a live demo of how to create the ideal Facebook ad.

When it comes to the key elements of a successful marketing funnel and a successful ad campaign the bottom line you must be addressing is:  what’s in it for your audience? That’s the question they’re going to be asking themselves when they see your ad, your opt-in page or your offer.

This is where simplicity matters most. Keep the copy simple and brief on every part of your ad and your marketing funnel. That simplicity is important for a number of reasons ,which we also discuss in this episode.

In this episode you’ll also hear:

  • What’s the biggest problem most entrepreneurs face? (4:10)
  • Where have we seen the most explosive growth with Facebook ads? (17:50)
  • What percentage of the revenue is in the follow up? (21:50)
  • Valerie breaks down how to create an awesome Facebook ad. (48:00)
  • A powerful ad tip we discovered from our virtual summit. 1:16:00
  • And so much more!

In terms of Facebook ads there are a number of strategies and approaches to use depending on your audience and your current subscriber base.

1. Consider the environment, and be personal.

Consider where you are running your ad: you are in people’s social media feeds. Why are people on Facebook? They aren’t looking to buy something or to be sold to – they are there to connect with friends and family.

So the more approachable you are and the more personal you are the better your ads will do. The most successful ads are the personal ones.

2. Let Facebook’s philosophy guide you.

Facebook wants your ads to generate revenue, naturally, but they also want your ads to enhance their users’ experience. So Facebook is going to reward you for creating interactive and engaging ads. The more engagement you receive the lower your costs will be.

So make your ads friendly, have pictures of yourself or your team on the ads and people are more likely to click on them.

3. Connect with your audience.

This is obviously an important strategy that goes along with the first two approaches. You can connect with your audience by using conversational copy and a conversational tone in your ad.

Also keep your text to less than 20% of the overall ad; if it’s more than that Facebook will automatically delete your ad.

4. Warm targeting to your own email list.

If you have your own email list run ads to them. They already know you, like you and trust you so export your list and upload it to Facebook. It may seem redundant to target your own list but email open rates are very low so people on your list may not read what you send them. Connecting through a Facebook ad can only help you.

Doing so also has you being seen everywhere, which only enhances your brand’s image! When people see you everywhere your brand becomes incredibly successful in their eyes, so run ads to your own email list.

5.  Warm target your own Facebook page likes.

You can target your own Facebook page likes. By targeting people who have already liked your Facebook page you’ll have higher click through rates, lower costs per click and lower overall lead costs.

6. Facebook remarketing.

Ever been to Amazon or eBay or any other site to buy something, and then see that very same product offered in your Facebook newsfeed? That is Facebook remarketing and it’s very effective. You use this by adding a Facebook pixel to your web site.

But if you want a really ninja move add that pixel to your checkout page, or to a page about your services. Then you can create an ad specific to people who visit that page but don’t buy from you or sign up. You can offer them a special deal or a freebie and tailor it to the page they were visiting.

7. Cold targeting with a lookalike audience.

If you already have an email list you can run another ad targeting a lookalike audience. You do this by taking your current email list and upload it to Facebook.

Facebook works it’s magic to create a lookalike audience. These people are very similar to your list, hence the name lookalike audience! By reaching out to your lookalike audience your ad is very impactful and powerful.

8. Cold targeting with interests.

What if you don’t have a list? Then opt for cold targeting by interests. Ideally target your audience based on their interest in your competitors.

Here’s the real trick to making this incredibly effective and powerful: create several ad sets to target different competitors. Create one ad set for each competitor, itemize it and track it separately so you can tell which is converting the best and you can focus on that one going forward. 

9. Tracking.

The bottom line for Facebook advertising or any other kind of advertising is this: you have to know how much it costs to acquire a customer.

Why? When you know how much you’re spending you know how much to reinvest. If you know your math, you can reinvest accordingly. The ideal here is to see that every $1 you invest you get more than that on your return.

In addition to those 9 techniques of Facebook advertising Valerie also walks us through a step by step set up of the ideal Facebook ad. She explains where to find audience insights like demographics and activities, as well as how to better target your audience based on other key attributes.

She breaks it all down easily and keeps it simple. Watch and learn how to get the most powerful Facebook ad campaigns to grow your email list, your brand presence, and expand your business. You’ll want to hear all the details so tune in to this week’s episode of Live on Fire TV.


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