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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 151 of Life on Fire TV. Today Dr. Matt Hubbard, my personal friend and fellow entrepreneur is here to recap and share our experience at Wizard Academy.

No we didn’t run off to a Harry Potter camp for a week! Don’t let the name fool you, Wizard Academy is a space for innovation, creation and growth. It’s a place where some of the top entrepreneurs in the world come together to learn, grow and expand every aspect of their lives.

Dr. Matt was there with me, along with about 30 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We had our minds blown time after time. From Myers-Briggs tests to drinking wine before 10am to learning about portals, Wizard Academy showed us some of the keys to serving others more fully.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The important role environment plays in fostering innovation. (8:00)
  • What is the most popular and most legitimate personality test? (10:50)
  • What is The Diamond and what can you learn from it? (19:50)
  • What is Principle 13 and why does it matter? (22:20)
  • There are 40 ways to look at a problem and only 40: true or false? (23:30)
  • And so much more!

One of the days we were there was spent learning about the Myers-Briggs test. We took the test, got our results and then learned about the various types of people. This is one of the few legitimate personality tests out there.

With our results in hand we did various exercises to see the personality types in action, and how we can interact with people no matter how different or similar they are to us. Knowing your type helps you better understand who you are, and also helps you understand others, so you can create better relationships with the people in every part of your life.

Roy Williams, the wizard of ads, joined us and again, blew our minds. One of the most pivotal lessons he taught us was a piece of copy he wrote that connected with all the personality types. He is the absolute king, and it was masterful. Dr. Matt shares that example today.

Dr. Matt also raises another important lesson we learned: the importance of going to conferences and events outside of your industry. When you go to a conference, weekend seminar or other type of experience in your industry you get to network and connect of course, but you’re also talking with people who probably have the same types of problems you have.

To bring some innovation and creativity to solving your problems get out to other events, interact with people who don’t do what you do and you’ll find new perspectives and experiences that may help you rethink your situation in a new way. You may find an unexpected solution you wouldn’t have found inside your industry.

On this show we also talk about the 40 Triz Principles (and why hardly anyone knows what they are), as well as how Henry Ford revolutionized automobiles and why that matters to you today. So grab a pen (or 3!), get ready for some notes and enjoy this episode of Life on Fire TV.