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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 155 of Life on Fire. Even if we find monetary success we can be miserable; if we aren’t living our purpose life can seem empty and unfulfilling, no matter how many nice things we own and how much money is in our bank account.

On today’s episode I’m sharing my story as told to my church’s Pathfinders group. I give them my background and how I went from 11 failed businesses to financial success and finding my purpose in life.

Even if you’ve heard my story before you’ve never heard it told this way. Listen in and see how it applies to your life and your business today. Are you really living a life on purpose? You’ll know after listening to episode 155 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I got a backwards tattoo. (4:50)
  • The question to ask yourself to find your true purpose. (5:35)
  • Why I achieved my first goal and was miserable. (7:50)
  • What purpose has meant to me and my business. (9:00)
  • And so much more!

As you may or may not know I had a dream as a child to build a successful business and sell it. My dad was always busy working, and I wanted to be a dad when I grew up too – and have a successful career that allowed me plenty of time to be with my kids.

So all through my 20s I dug deep and invested all my time, energy and sweat equity into creating that successful business.

And I failed. Over and over and over again. In fact I failed 11 times, and family members were starting to tell me I should give up and be more like my brother. But my mom wasn’t one of them. She bought me the book The Secret and wrote “I believe in you” in that book.

When I read that book it fired me up; I was ready to use what I learned from it and create the success I hadn’t yet had. I was so committed to that success and realizing my goal I got a tattoo across my chest inked backwards to remind myself every single day of what I was going after!

And I did find that success. I started a business as a Facebook marketer and exploded that company’s growth, eventually selling it.

When I sold it I had achieved my childhood dream. To top it off I moved to San Diego, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I finally had a nice home, a beautiful place to live and a lifelong goal under my belt. I should’ve been ecstatic, but instead I was miserable because I hadn’t found my true purpose.

With the help of my church and its’ Pathfinders group I was able to network and connect with people who have helped me and allowed me take my next big leap: to help as many people as possible find and live their life on fire.

And it’s working. As of today that business has quadrupled in income in the last 12 months!

Ultimately I’m sharing this so you can find your own success. And to do so you simply need to ask yourself: if you had all the money in the world, had donated as much money as you wanted, traveled all you wanted – what would you do with your time? What would you be working on?

The answer to that question is the answer to finding your purpose and living your life on fire.

Listen to episode 155 of Life on Fire for all of that and more on today’s show.