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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 156 of Life on Fire. Today we’re visiting my good friend Mike Koenigs. Mike is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, creator of Traffic Geyser and internet marketer of the highest caliber.

On today’s episode Mike and I talk about how his battle with cancer helped him produce not one but 3 best-selling books! He details his exact process for you to follow. This is a step-by-step system to finding your purpose, your passion and bringing it to life.

Mike also shares how to get off the trading time for dollars treadmill, what makes the greatest marketers and what the impact of having a book can do for your business.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The 11 words to network with ANYONE. (24:30)
  • Why authenticity wins every time. (36:00)
  • what makes the greatest marketers the greatest? (51:55)
  • What is the most powerful lead generation vehicle? (1:04:45)
  • The exact process of creating a best-seller on amazon – and why ANYONE can do this. (1:18:00)
  • And so much more!

Mike is well-known in internet marketing circles and has created such powerful tools as Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. He’s long been a man on a mission to help entrepreneurs build customer relationships, leverage their assets, and scale their businesses for success.

Along the way Mike has discovered one of the most powerful tools for any business: a best-selling book on Amazon.

On this episode he explains how to leverage the tools Amazon gives you to create that best-seller, and why it is so powerful for your business. And even better? He shares how and why the process of creating and fulfilling your book will help you find what you are most passionate about, and what you are meant to bring to the world.

To get started writing your book Mike has found the 10x10x4 system, and he gives the full details on today’s show. To sum up it’s a simple process you can do in a few short hours, and it will give you a ton of great content to started with!

We also dive further into the book discussion; Mike explains why having a best-seller is so powerful and why it makes such a great lead generation tool for your business. In fact he says it is the most powerful lead magnet you can create to grow your business.

There’s something about a best-selling book that exponentially increases your value and your credibility, and it can be done in any industry by anyone. You are seen as a thought leader and are far more likely to land speaking engagements with a book than without.

In terms of your business, a book is the perfect way to create authentic and personal relationships with your customers. Mike explains how he does it by giving away valuable products to people who buy his book, and also share their personal information with him in the process. Mike tells us how he fully utilizes that personal information for his customers’ benefit and for his business’ benefit too.

Mike is full of value bombs on this episode so there’s lots more here – like why podcast leads are better than a Facebook lead, and he even tells us something no one else knows about him! Listen to episode 156 of Life on Fire for all of that and more on today’s show.