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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 160 of Life on Fire. Events can be the catalyst for extraordinary change in any entrepreneur’s life when approached with intention and a commitment to action.

Recently I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within with Megan Ann and some friends. We all got some incredible nuggets – and we walked on hot coals!

On this episode I’m going to share my behind-the-scenes experience before, during and after the event. I’ll give you specific takeaways and action steps you can use in your business and in your life to unleash your power within.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you need to set intentions when attending events, and take action after. (2:10)
  • Getting into state” – what is it, how can you do it and why should you? (3:40)
  • What is the hardest part of any action or goal? (7:50)
  • How people are able to walk over hot coals. (9:25)
  • What is The Dickens Process and how can you apply it? (15:10)
  • And so much more!

Unleash The Power Within
was over four days and each day had a specific theme to it. Day one was about getting into state: what state you’re in, what state do you want to be in and how can you change your state?

This was also when Tony Robbins got us fired up for the firewalk. The preparation and the actual experience drove home the message of the entire event: the first step is the hardest part. Once you take that first step you’ve committed and it gets easier from there.

The second day was about creating momentum. Tony shared the 5 pieces to doing so:

  1. Get into peak state.
  2. Find your passion.
  3. Decide and commit to your passion.
  4. Take massive action to achieve momentum.
  5. Be honest with yourself on your progress and reward yourself for the actions you’ve taken.

If you find yourself stuck at number 4 a simple way to get unstuck is to write down 3 things you’ve been meaning to do for awhile. They can be as simple as clean your closet! Then do those 3 things. Taking that action will compel you to take more action in other areas of your life.

Day 3 was one of the most transformative days of the event. The day was focused on The Dickens Process. This process is something I’ve done several times and it’s radically changed my life every time I’ve done it!

Here are the three 3 steps to how it works; you can do them any time but I find this process is most effective when I do it every 6 months.

1. Get very clear on what you want.

And this goes for every area of your life from business to health to relationships to love.

2. Get clear on the consequences of not having it.

What will your life look like if you don’t have these things? If you never make them happen? Go deep into this, even though it’s painful.

3. Identify the limiting belief that’s holding you back and replace it with a positive affirmation.

What do you believe to be true about yourself that is stopping you from achieving your goals, your hopes and dreams? Hone in on one and then replace it with a positive affirmation.

Mine was I can’t lose weight. After I identified that belief I instead told myself “BS! It’s easy to lose weight and I’m in the best shape of my life.” You repeat it over and over again. When you do this in the right state and with enough repetitions you get your brain to think the affirmation.

And now you have the tools to flip that limiting belief if it shows up again. With those tools you’ll be able to take action and create momentum. As you create more and more momentum you become unleashed!

The biggest takeaway I want to share with you is that process: get clear on what you want, what it means for you if you don’t ever get what you want and then identify what’s stopping you.

The action piece of today’s show is to implement The Dickens Process and it’s final step: reframe that limiting belief into a positive affirmation and then take action to create your life on fire! And I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what you’ve gotten out of attending a Tony Robbins event or any other event and what actions you’re taking now.