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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 162 of Life on Fire. Have you ever considered public speaking might be the thing that makes you stand out from everyone else in your industry? Our guest for today’s show is here to explain how it can and how you can do it effectively.

Dr. Andreas Boettcher joins Life on Fire to talk about the principles of his program, Amplify Your Talk, and how you can apply those lessons in your next speech (or your first!) to create more authority, authenticity and connection with your community.

Early in his career Dr. Andreas used public speaking to set himself apart from other chiropractors in his area. Although he was terrified to give his first workshop, he experienced the full power and impact of public speaking his very first time out. He didn’t stop with that first presentation and has gone on to work with such greats as T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracy.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is the most cost-effective marketing tool you can use? (3:20)
  • What is a trademark talk? (17:05)
  • Why you should only share 3 key points during your speech. (23:15)
  • What are running ovations? (27:50)
  • How speaking helped him build a multi-million dollar wellness center. (29:30)
  • And so much more!

When Dr. Andreas first started building his own practice he was frustrated by his various attempts to connect with his community. He went to all the networking events, tried all the usual routes but didn’t have the results he was looking for.

But the one thing he noticed at every event was that the speaker always left the room with the most connections. Whether it was a BNI event or any other group it was always the speaker who seemed to talk to the most people and get the most leads.

So Dr. Andreas decided to host his own workshop so he could be that speaker. He was so nervous before the event that as soon as people started coming in he wanted to run out the back door!

But fortunately he didn’t. He was however a flustered, nervous mess for the first few minutes of his presentation. And then he did something that changed everything: he stopped his speech, shared with his audience how nervous he was and addressed the elephant in the room.

The entire tone of the night changed and everyone from Dr. Andreas to his audience members relaxed.

And that’s one of the tips he shares on this episode: address the elephant in the room whatever the elephant is. Is there a crying child? Talk about it. Are you so nervous because it’s your first time? Say so. It helps break the ice, and unless you talk about it your audience will focus on it and miss what you’re saying.

But before you even begin your speech Dr. Andreas suggests using his Trademark Talk approach. This strategy starts with asking yourself WIIFM?. That stands for What’s In It For Me? and it’s the question everyone in the audience is asking themselves consciously or unconsciously.

So take a step back and think about what you know that you can share with your audience and your community that will best serve them. What drives you and what does it mean for others? How can it help them? That’s where to start.

Now that you know the concept you’ll be speaking on you’re going to begin writing it and creating it with the end in mind. What is the destination you’re leading your audience to? Is it a strategy session with you? An online program you want them to purchase? Whatever it is figure it out, that is your offer.

With your offer in place focus on how you’re going to deliver it. How do you invite the room to participate in your offer? Remember everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to so get clear on your invite.

A good way to do this is by following the 3 Es: make your offer easy to use, easy to understand and easy to buy. Ask a child or someone who doesn’t know anything about your work if they understand your invite. If you follow the 3 Es it should be clear to anyone.

Next you’ll want to create the actual content. Use only three main points in your actual speech, any less and you won’t be providing enough material but anything above 3 will be overwhelming. While you’re creating those three points ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the point you’re making?
  2. Why does it matter to your audience?
  3. Why is it important now?
  4. And what will your audience be able to do or achieve as a result of your offering?

You’ll also want to include stories and personal anecdotes in your points as you’re sharing them. These stories help you to feel more at ease while you’re speaking; they aren’t something you have to memorize, you already know them – and they also build connection with your community.

As Dr. Andreas tells us in this episode connection is currency! And when you have that connection you’re helping people go from being interested in what you do to actually invested in what you do/how you help them (i.e. they buy from you). 

Dr. Andreas and I go on to talk about his personal speaking experiences that led to working with T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracy, his event coming up that you can attend (with him, Brian Tracy and me!) and much more. Tune in and check it out on episode 162 of Life on Fire!


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