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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 165 of Life on Fire. If there’s one thing I know for sure about being an entrepreneur is that events have the power to radically change your business, your life and YOU.

On today’s episode I’ll share how an event changed everything for me back in 2010, and why I’m so committed to as many people as possible having the same experience at my annual Ignite event in January of 2016.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is at the heart of my intention for the Ignite events? (2:15)
  • Why Ignite is different than other events today. (2:30)
  • Can you live your life in a flow state? (3:40)
  • What is the hottest place to advertise right now? (5:00)
  • Exactly what you’ll walk out of Ignite 2016 with. (6:30)
  • And so much more!

In 2010 I was in $50k in debt and nearly at my wit’s end; I was ready to forget the entrepreneurship path. Until I found Eben Pagan on a late night commercial, and signed up for his event. It took the last bit of money I had to do so, but I did it.

It changed everything for me. His event left me not only inspired but clear on my mission, my gifts and the movement I wanted to create with my life. It also gave me knowledge from the experts on stage and in the audience: all of which helped me go from $50,000 in debt to selling my business two years later. And I sold that business to someone I met at Eben’s event!

Because his event had such a tremendous impact on me and my life, I’ve been inspired to provide the same experience for others in the Life on Fire community. Every year I host my annual Ignite event, and 2016’s is going to be bigger, and better than ever!

Whether you’re beginning your entrepreneurial journey or wanting to take your business from six figures to seven figures, the Ignite event is designed to help you get there.

Each of the three days of the event has a theme and is a necessary component to your success.

On day one it’s all about mindset and personal development. We spend the day diving into mindset hacks, how to 10x your performance, learning NLP techniques and how to reframe your neural associations with fear to associations that empower and embolden you. We cap off the day with a glass walk and a board breaking exercise.

Day two is about business: creating your personal brand, creating your movement and innovative strategies to spread that movement. In 2016 we have the world-famous Daymond John, serial entrepreneur and multimillionaire. He will be keynoting day two and kicking us off!

After Daymond speaks, other experts will take the stage to talk about the keys to creating a personal brand, finding and identifying your movement. They will also cover specific ways to make that movement stand out in today’s crowded marketplace including how to be a guest blogger for Huffington Post, how to use Facebook and YouTube to advertise and more.

Finally on day three we make sure you’re ready to get out and ignite your movement. You’ll leave with a plan of action to carry you forward and get the results you’ve been wanting. Unlike other events that pump you up and send you out into the world, we go a step further and provide a plan to keep that momentum moving you forward.

Ignite 2016 is about helping you have the best possible year of your life. This is the event to help you create the life on fire you’ve always wanted. Grab a friend and join us at Ignite 2016 and tune in to this episode for a glimpse at what you’ll be getting!